Hello, hopefully this page will give you a great idea as to who I am!

I am a 21 year old Graphic Designer & Illustrator who has just finished studying for an BA (Hons) Graphic Design with the University of Kent, run through K College. The very best of my work I show in my Behance portfolio, which can accessed here.

I would briefly describe myself as being one of a kind, who takes an interest in many things, with a strong work ethic, passion for design, and a desire to learn. Other people would probably say I am eccentric, and too organised!

The blog started as a way to document my Graphic Design studies and cover personal projects, trips and exhibitions. It is now evolving as I have finished my studies to picking out inspirational pieces of design, sketches and doodles as well as creative ideas that grab my interest. The aim is to use the blog to enhance my creativity!

I hope you will find this blog of interest, if you have any questions, thoughts, or would like to speak to me about designing something, please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message via the Contact page!



2 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you, that is one of the best things I have found about having my blog, it means that my work can be shown to a far wider audience than before and can keep people like you up to date, which is great when I am very busy!

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