Why do I have a blog?

A short while ago, WordPress advertised another session of its free course Blogging 101. As I am reinventing this blog, I believe this is a great way of helping me achieve this by learning new skills and interacting with the WordPress community. As this blog has been established for a few years now, the first task that has been set is to discuss its origins, successes and future.


Studying graphic design at university meant keeping a written record of each project. Originally I used sketchbooks, but it took forever to stick in images of my research, draw the ideas and hand-write the notes. The next step was to create a word document, as it was easier to create and edit. However, it still needed printing and compiling, so I took the advice of my tutors and set up a WordPress blog, which would not need printing as it could be viewed and marked online at any time.

At first I struggled to adapt to it, and I did not particularly want the blog to be public. However, it helped to advance the quality of my work as I found I thought more carefully about things when it was visible to the whole world! Other positives were that it made it much easier for family and friends to see the work I was doing wherever in the world they were, and importantly, it allowed me to interact with a wider audience.


Originally being solely used for my university course, it became a valuable tool for me to get my thoughts out onto the screen in a really logical way, and no doubt it played a part in helping me to graduate with first-class honours, something I was delighted with!

However, I was also beginning to post more than just university work, such as my thoughts and photos when I visited the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The blog’s most popular post came when I got a great opportunity to go to Jaguar Land Rover’s Design and Engineering Centre at Gaydon. Other experiences that stand out were visiting the Prodrive Heritage Centre and getting to drive off-road at a Land Rover Experience Centre.



As I write this, I now have 193 people following my progress, 100 of which are fellow WordPress bloggers. While to many that is a small number, I am pleased with it, but obviously I would like to increase that in the future.

“Big oak trees grow from small acorns”


Since leaving university, the blog has generally gone through a quiet patch, with a few small tutorials here and there, plus some blog posts on inspiring designs that I came across. Now I feel I want to move onto the next chapter, which will mainly be to share updates of the latest designs that I am going to be uploading to my Redbubble and Society6 shops, which I would dearly love to grow and see flourish.

Some of the designs currently on sale in my Redbubble and Society6 shops!

I am also interested in sharing some of my personal news from time to time as well as including some of my experiments (an example being motorsport liveries) to see what people think of them.

Audi Sport F1 livery concept
It was great fun making this, so I’d like to do more in the future!

Another aim is to connect with many more WordPress bloggers, from which I can be inspired and play a bigger part in the blogging community.

If I can achieve this in 2016, then I will be very happy!


6 thoughts on “Why do I have a blog?

  1. What an interesting history your blog has! Your ideas for its future are also fascinating to me, because I behave in the opposite way. Whenever I get a new idea (which is often, unfortunately), I’m inclined to start another blog—or book—or website. Or I think a different social channel will provide a new outlet. I’m forever splitting my focus, whereas you are now planning to let your (well-named) WP blog serve two completely different purposes. That makes more sense. I’ll be interested in how you manage to integrate them.

    1. Thank you! I’d say it’s better to have plenty of ideas rather than none, although I guess you can sometimes have too many and have to filter some of them to find the best – not an easy task though. We’ll see how it goes with this blog, hopefully it will all integrate nicely!

  2. Hi Alex I couldn’t see where to leave this comment on your Blog about visiting Jaguar Land Rover. As an ex car worker – I was a crankshaft machinist in the 60/70’s I would love to visit Gaydon. Also my brother was a foreman at the ‘Jag’ in Browns Lane, Coventry. He has advanced Alzheimer’s now and often used to tell us how he had spent the day sorting his men out from his Nursing Home. He lived the Jag when he was working: sometimes I think retirement contributed to his decline. Coventry was a great place to live when it was ‘ Car City’ : no longer unfortunately!

  3. Thank you for commenting here, the reason why you couldn’t leave a comment there is that I set the comments on each post to automatically close one month after it is published, as I find it cuts down enormously on spam comments.

    It’s fascinating to hear about your family’s connection to Browns Lane, and amazing to think how the automotive industry has changed since. I’m sure there was a great buzz there in its heyday! Having known people who have suffered from Alzheimer’s and dementia, it always surprised me how they can recall past events with such clarity despite struggling with everyday life, and extremely sad when they can no longer even do this.

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