Happy New Year!


After a tough 2015 for me, 2016 is here and I am determined to make it a great year! Part of my plan to get things back on track is to finally find a purpose for this blog, as it has been like a ship lost out at sea since I left university. This may mean that I decide to make some major changes to the design of the blog as well as the content it features.

Regarding the content of the blog, I think it will become to home to personal updates that are too lengthy for social media, new designs that I create for my Redbubble and Society6 shops, as well as anything else that catches my eye. I have no plans for scheduled posts (like one a week for instance) but want to keep things regular enough so that it does not become a barren wasteland!


One of my favourite parts of New Year is putting up new calendars, as it provides me with some beautiful imagery and some fresh inspiration. At Christmas I was bought a couple of amazing calendars, and I couldn’t wait to put them up this morning!

2016 Calendars

One is by Jina Gelder, and features some of her beautiful animal illustrations complemented by some equally beautiful lettering. The other is the 2016 Astronomy Photographer of the Year by the Royal Observatory Greenwich featuring some incredible astrophotography.


Most New Year’s resolutions seem to fall apart after not very long, but I’m hoping that won’t be the case for me!