Inspiration on a Monday #6

Hello, it’s Monday again, and a very wet, windy miserable one at that where I am! Just as well then there are lots of inspiring designs to look at then, some of which I’ve posted below, and some I’ve posted on Pinterest and saved as part of my Behance collections. Don’t forget to check them out if you like what you see here. This week, the world of illustration seems to have caught my eye the most.

Royal Mail bee stamps by Anna Ekelund Creative

Bilberry Bumblebee Royal Mail 2015 1st class stamp by Anna Ekelund Creative

Great Yellow Bumblebee Royal Mail 2015 1st class stamp by Anna Ekelund Creative

I decided to start this week’s inspiration with these bumblebee stamps which have been designed to raise awareness of the different types of bees that exist in the United Kingdom. This most beautiful set of illustrations are eye-catching and extremely detailed. While thankfully there are lots of bees where I live, generally they are in decline, so it’s really important to make people aware of their importance. To see more of these stamps and find out more about how the project came to be, please read the article Design Week published about them.

‘Hungarian Euro’ paper money by Barbara Bernát

Hungarian paper money by Barbara Bernát

The next inspiring design this week again focuses on animal illustrations, but this time on bank notes for, “a fictional currency, the Hungarian euro.” The simplicity of the notes really allows the illustrations to shine, and reminds me of Singapore banknotes where a ‘series’ is chosen (previous series have included orchids, birds and ships) and all the notes feature illustrations on that theme. To see and read more about this wonderful project, please visit Barbara’s Behance.

Tealicious by Alvarez Juana

Tealicious illustrations and branding by Alvarez Juana

Tealicious illustrations and branding by Alvarez Juana

The illustrations and branding for ‘Tealicious’, the small teashop in Florence, Italy stood out to me not only because of the traditional style complemented by being set a white background, but the relatively limited colour palette mostly focusing on reds, yellows, and greens. To find out more about Tealicious (what a brilliant name!) as well as the project, please visit Alvarez’s Behance.

Don Papa 10 Year Old by Stranger & Stranger

Don Papa 10 Year Old illustration and packaging by Stranger & Stranger

I am not usually fond of design like this (not everything can be your cup of tea so to speak) but I thought this was put together very well with the detail of the flora and fauna in the illustration to the colour contrast between itself and the full bottle. More can be read about this project on Stranger & Stranger’s Behance.

Citee Fashion by Alex Szabo-Haslam

Cite Fashion t-shirts by Alex Szabo-Haslam

Illustration always stands out to me as there are so many different avenues you can head in, and this set of 80 intricate map-based illustrations on t-shirts proves the point perfectly. I am a big fan of these as you realise the seemingly random pattern is actually a map where details can be picked out. The black and white colour scheme also focuses the eye on the detail these t-shirts have. To read more about this project and how it came to be, please read the article Creative Boom wrote about them.

YouTube – The Great Customer Journey by Mother Volcano and Hayden Peek

YouTube – The Great Customer Journey illustrations by Mother Volcano and Hayden Peek

We move now from illustrations on a small scale to illustrations on a big scale! When YouTube opened new headquarters in California, they wanted to fill a wall with a 3-metre long illustration highlighting the journeys YouTube users take when they use the website. Aside from the vector illustration being well suited to YouTube, it’s the level of detail and the small touches that really make this a success, just think how long it must have taken to perfect! The image above is of a section, so to see the whole piece, I recommend visiting Behance.

Meats, Veggies & Jams by Philippe Tyan

British Beef Fillet Steak packaging concept by Philippe Tyan

Baby Corn packaging concept by Philippe Tyan

Orange Marmalade packaging concept by Philippe Tyan

To finish off this week’s blog post, I want to focus on a packaging concept Philippe created for an unnamed brand selling meat, vegetables and jams in supermarkets. The clarity of the design is just excellent, from the minimal illustrations to the product name to the pricing being easily visible. This transparency is highly appealing and has a level of trustworthiness to it that you don’t get with most food packaging nowadays.


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