Inspiration on a Monday #1

Monday. Mundane. Two words that have no shared meaning, yet sound remarkably similar, and for me are inextricably linked. Nothing exciting ever seems to happen on Mondays, and for me it seems to have become a nagging reminder that yet another week is going to rush by seemingly ever faster, to the extent I wonder whether perhaps the Earth is being sucked into a black hole, warping time!

It is often the case that I set aside some time on a Monday to peruse the internet for inspiring designs and illustrations. This helps not only to keep my mind fresh, but also tops up the passion I hold for design and illustration, which is the exact reason why I decided a few years ago — on a mundane Monday while at sixth form wondering what my future held — that was the path I wanted to follow.

I created this blog during university to document the behind the scenes work that goes into making a design. Since graduating, the blog changed, only focusing on my own designs. Now this will change again, and every Monday I will publish a post sharing seven inspiring items I have come across. I’ll be giving credit to the creator, linking to their work and maybe writing a very brief note as to why I love it!

Formula E Championship Posters By Dan Matutina

Long Beach Formula E Championship Poster by Dan Matutina

Punta Del Este Formula E Championship Poster by Dan Matutina

Really cool posters, just right for Formula E’s first season. To find out more about this project and see the rest of the posters, see Dan’s Behance page or his website,

Great Horned Owl by BioWorkZ (Ben Kwok)

Great Horned Owl illustration by Ben Kwok a.k.a BioWorkZ

A stunning ink illustration packed full of detail. To see more of the amazing work that BioWorkZ produces, you can visit his website.

Clouds by Alex Davis

Clouds illustration by Alex G Davis

Beautiful use of colour for the clouds and focus on the space shuttle. To see more designs, you can visit his Redbubble shop.

Seal of Approval by jaffajam

Seal of Approval by jaffajam

Very witty! Love this vector illustration. To see more of jaffajam’s work, you can visit their Redbubble shop.

Pass this On by Danny Ivan

Pass it On geometric design by Danny Ivan

Lots of colour and depth from those diamonds! Danny’s website can be visited here, as well as his Society6 shop.

The World’s Smallest Portfolio by Michael Lester

The World's Smallest Portfolio by Michael Lester

A really creative idea and a sure way to get noticed! To see more of Michael’s work, you can visit his Behance page.

Caffeinated Owls by Dave Mottram

Caffeinated Owls by Dave Mottram

So funny, and perfect for anyone who loves owls and/or coffee! To see what else Dave sells you can visit his Society6 page, or visit his website to see his other designs.