Claudia the Crab

Another design that I have recently uploaded to my Redbubble shop is Claudia the Crab! Please click the image below to visit it in the shop and see it on a range of products. Hopefully there will be many more cartoon animals in the future. To read more about how the cartoon animal series came to be, please click here to read a previous blog post I wrote about the whole process.

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Claudia the Crab

Meet Claudia! She’s a rather shy crab who scuttles around from side to side across the beach, often being distracted by an ice cream. If you happen to see her at the seaside, don’t be ‘shellfish’, take good care of her and share your ice cream, otherwise she might be a bit crabby!

Claudia began her life as a sketch, before being scanned in order to have her colour added and some seaweed removed. After emerging from the digital world, Claudia wanted to return to the beach in order to find some more ice cream!


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