2015: The year of the Fragments!

Well, 2015 has indeed begun, and it recently occurred to me this blog had gone into a deep hibernation. So I decided it might be a good idea to wake it up, and properly this time! So how to achieve this?

Well, I have been inspired by Justin Maller’s wonderful Facets project of 2013 and a love for geometric patterns. From there, I felt a great ‘base’ could be provided by what I’m going to call a ‘geometric fragment’ type of design. I stumbled across this while experimenting in Photoshop for a university project a couple of years ago. I find it great fun to make, and there’s a huge amount of flexibility in the effects that can be achieved.

If I had been a touch faster off the block, I could have done one a day, like Mr Maller did, but I realise that 2015 is going to be a busy year for me so I may not be able to meet that challenge anyway! Let’s set an initial aim of at least a couple a week and see where it goes from there!

Alex Greenhead 'Fragment 001'
Alex Greenhead ‘Fragment 001’

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