FMP: Test Print 2

For this blog post, I will be discussing the results of my second test-print, and what this means for the project now. The focus this time was on the first chapter as it needed proof-reading, and I wanted to check any errors and misprinting from the first test print was fixed.


A point that needs making is that although I am using the same HP printer as I did for the first test-print, that black ink cartridge which was running out has pretty much now run out. It is extremely frustrating and means that I will have to use another printer for any further test prints. As for this test-print, it has made a mess of most of it and I haven’t bothered to show the last couple of spreads here because the ‘printing’ was so poor.

The contents page has printed out well, and I am pleased with it. I think it can be considered done, unless I see a way of improving it.


As for this spread, it has printed alright despite the red being way too bright (some of that is exaggerated by the camera) but that is the printer over saturating the colours.


Something I was very disappointed with was the small vector icons I saved as PNG’s and imported into InDesign. In the first test-print they appear wrongly as their black background did not match the tone of black used on the background. Now saved as PNG’s with transparent backgrounds, I see they are blurry. I will need to investigate into this and see what the fix is.


The other spreads all printed well, even if the quality of printing was not up to much! I asked one of my tutors to proof-read this for me, and he picked up on a few grammatical points such as the use of the correct hyphen for instance, which I have since corrected.

IMG_5684_web IMG_5685_web IMG_5686_web

Something I am not so sure about though is the illustrations I created for the Moon pages. They look a bit cheap and tacky compared to the rest of the book and with the write-up I have completed for each section, I think I would be better off putting images in their place, showing these events happening.


Therefore, I decided to remove the illustrations and find some decent images. I then placed them onto the spread, and placed a caption under either one, as there was more room here to do that than having to add it to the big list of captions in the bottom-right corner of the left page.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 13.53.11

Next Steps

As time is really beginning to run out now, and with the majority of the second and third chapters still to finish, I think it is important now the first chapter is complete (save for small design tweaks if I notice something and a final proof-read) that I move on to those.

I think I will need to look into a way to save some time as well as I know the second chapter is now nearly there, and will be ready for a full test-print and proof-read soon, but as for the third chapter, that has not even been started yet, which is concerning.