FMP: Reflecting on the project’s output

For this blog post, I want to take a moment to discuss the significant change I have made to the project’s output. Up until this point, the aim of the project was to produce a book, and then a poster/print. However, with the restrictive schedule I now have to get the book off to print, it makes no sense to continue with the poster, so I shall be officially removing it from the project.

Has it been a waste of time?

No. I had not started design work on it yet, not knowing what direction to go in. Also the book has become so much more than what I ever expected it to be at first. Its content and depth regarding the topics it covers has really grown, to the point, where it needs all my available time to make it work.

The research I did for the poster has not been wasted, and already made a huge difference to the quality of the book. The way the infographics are displayed draws more on ideas seen on posters than it does from books, offering something fresh and a way of making sense of the crazy facts and figures associated with this project.

So will producing a book be a satisfactory outcome?

Yes, producing the book will be a more than satisfactory answer to the brief as well as showing what I am capable of designing. I spoke to my tutors about this as well as fellow students, and explained the situation, and asked for opinions on what they thought, as they are seeing the project from the outside.

Everyone agreed with me that when seeing the book come together, it was suitable and that a poster/print would not actually achieve that much, and that it would be better off as a separate project.

Judging the size of my project against those of other people in my group, it is now apparent that my project was significantly larger than theirs, meaning they had better judged the scale of their projects.