FMP: Selecting colour palettes

For this blog post, I will be discussing one of the first things I have done with regards to beginning to put the book together as well as continuing my development of the infographics. Having a suitable colour palette will make a big difference to the aesthetic of the design as well as the ease of understanding the information.

Where will these colour palettes be applied?

The work I am presenting in this blog post will make a big difference to the book’s first chapter covering the Solar System. The main area I am planning to see it used is for the main infographic that I am developing, an example of which can be seen below. The colours will immediately identify it with a planet, yet provide enough contrast to differentiate between information such as the internal structure of the planet for instance.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 15.46.24

It is also important that the headings and sub-headings can draw on the colours visible in the imagery. This adds to the aesthetic and creates a visual hierarchy with the contrast between the body copy and headings.

Creating the palettes

The palettes were very easy to create, mainly I was using the Eyedropper Tool to select colours I thought were suitable. from images I will be using in the book.

The two interesting factors that arose while creating the palettes is that with planets such as Uranus, there is hardly any contrast between the colours in the planet, making it hard to select four different colours; while with planets such as Jupiter and Saturn, there wasn’t that much contrast between their respective colour schemes.

The solution was to open the Fill Box and move the colour picker around to subtly alter the shade of colour in order to create something more unique.

The final result for the colour palettes
The final result for the colour palettes


This has been a small, but positive step in the right direction with regards to the design of the project. I will now be focusing my attention on the main infographic that will be appearing on each page as it is the most important part of the information I will be presenting for the objects in the Solar System I am covering. I look forward to using these colour palettes throughout the designs!