FMP: Pecha Kucha presentation

As part of the current project I am working on, I was required to produce a Pecha Kucha style presentation about it. This would be assessed and contribute to the research and development of the project, as well as build professional presentation skills.

What’s Pecha Kucha?

My exact first thoughts! Visiting their website and watching some presentations gave me an idea of what I should roughly be aiming for.

The big advantage of Pecha Kucha is also its disadvantage. By limiting  each slide to 20 seconds, it focuses the mind and makes you have to streamline your thought process, but it has to be to just the right length so as not to have to pad it out or overrun, losing the schedule of the presentation and with it, your flow and rhythm.

Click here to visit the Pecha Kucha 20×20 website

Presentation Requirements:

  • Pecha Kucha style. Normally 20 slides but minimum of 15 allowed.
  • What your project is: its function, intention and why it’s needed
  • How do you know you can do this? What skills do you have?
  • Identifying the design problem(s) in relation to a specific audience.
  • Identify and explain your research sources and methods and mention how these will inform the design process
  • Discuss your methods of ideas generation and their efficacy
  • Discuss your initial ideas in both words and pictures.
  • Give succinct yet specific intentions for each week of your project between ? and ?

The Process:

Being an audiovisual presentation, I paid a lot of attention to designing the slides to be easily understandable as possible to complement and follow on from my words.

To do this, I built a common structure for each slide to present a uniform appearance. I decided from my Pecha Kucha research that imagery was very important, but I felt a few keywords on each slide would act as prompts for me and help to structure the presentation.

The Presentation:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

The images of designs I used to illustrate my presentation will be returned to soon in the project as my research progresses when they will be credited suitably.

How did the presentation go?

Very well thankfully. I do not like giving presentations, often having an unhealthy level of nerves beforehand, and then all too often losing my flow and rhythm along the way. I think having a structured presentation helped a lot, with the 20 second slide limit not giving my brain chance to become disorientated. It also really helped that I knew what I was talking about and my prompts were successful.


With the presentation going really well and being appreciated by tutors and fellow students, it has helped to build my confidence in giving presentations. I’m not sure it will ever be something that I enjoy, but I now know I am building the skills needed to produce a professional presentation.


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  1. Very interesting and well presented. I also love that ‘star globe’ – it would match our earth globe beautifully!

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