APP2: St. Luke’s Church – Test Print 2

For this blog post, I will be discussing the second test print  I did. Progress has been fast this week, and the project is now reaching a stage where the final development and adjustments are being made, although there are still a couple of spreads needing some major work.

This test print was conducted using the same paper and printer as I had for the first test, so I could evaluate changes properly, such as the difference between registry black and pure black for instance.

Again, I went through the spreads and asked a tutor to go through them to see if there were any errors or design improvements that could be made. I also asked fellow students for feedback.

The second test print:

The cover was put together very quickly in order to get it ready for the test-print. By now I knew the images I wanted to use, so I made notes on the adjustments that need to be made regarding the composition of the piece.

The spine for instance, is marked in turquoise so I know how large it is and whether it is suitable to put text on (it isn’t.) It will be a different colour for the final piece and probably match the back cover colour or carry over the image from the front cover. I must decide on the colour for the back cover, I am thinking something dark to match the tones of the image.

The images will need to be straightened, and the decision must be made as to whether they should bleed off the page or be contained.

Typography wise, I am happy with the ‘St. Luke’s Church’ section but not the line underneath as it is too large and the tracking is excessive. Both elements will need some work, but this is not too difficult.


I had a discussion with my tutor about the contents page, and we agreed that minimal would be better, as it is a contents page, and not the main focal point of the book. Keeping the background white will also match the white end-sheets Blurb put at the front and back of all the books they print.


I am pleased with ‘The Iron Church’ spread, it just needs proof-reading. One error that jumped out was a double space so that can be easily fixed. Certainly the tutorial I used to make my justified text sit better on the page has worked very well, it was certainly worth doing.


This spread is also practically completed, the pale yellow/cream background works well to match the tones seen in the colour of the stone (in the coloured images.)

A small typographical thing my tutor noted was how the spacing either side of the dashes is irregular. This is because of the kerning and will be fixed when I proof-read the document.


Aside from any small changes, the next four spreads are complete.

I have added a pale ‘pastel’ green background to this spread to tie it in with the other two spreads about the exterior of the church, which also have coloured backgrounds corresponding with their relevant features, either iron or stone. Choosing green here reflects the green of the surrounding trees once part of Shatter’s Wood, the site upon which the church was built.


For this spread, I chose to name it ‘Inside St. Luke’s Church’ instead of focusing on the names of certain features as I had previously done as it gave me a greater level of flexibility. I have finally managed to work this section out as it was very difficult to decide what order everything should be placed in.


I also chose to add a second spread for this, as I had an excess of images I wanted to show to capture the church’s many features.
The final page features a view as to how the church was in pre-1919 and 1953 compared to how it looked in 2012. It may seem unconventional to place this last, but I wanted to focus on the individual features that put together the inside as a whole.

The photo of the Whyte Room has also now been added.


For this spread I have added in the captions and replaced the image of the Ferrier-Rowe Memorial Chapel with one I have taken that better shows the characteristics of this church feature.


The right page on this spread still needs finishing. I am struggling to lay everything out and fit text in, so I feel that this will probably need to fit across a second spread, which will need to be designed from scratch to fit in extra information and text.


This spread also needs completing, it just needs the images though to be edited and a bit of experimenting with positioning. I thought about making the War Memorial Tablet larger on the page (which I have done) so more of its details can be seen by the audience as it is a very interesting feature of the church.


No real progress here aside from the addition of one image into the spread, which needs linking correctly. I have been informed I will receive the other two images over the weekend, so hopefully everything will work out well and I can finish the spread.


I am not overly happy with the layout for this spread and have sketched a better version to the right. After yesterday’s photography session at the church, I will replace the Miss Mitchell image. The oval image currently jars with the layout as it does not take the content up to the margin. The image is also too poor quality to enlarge and crop.

Another design change I have been making is to place the Miss Adelaide Anne Mitchell on the back page of the book, as that is the only solitary page of the book, as all the others are spreads. I have also been working on the positioning of images in the spread as can be seen, but I think there is still a lot more development to take place.


I did also decide to rename the spread so Miss Adelaide Anne Mitchell’s name did not appear in both the headline and sell. I think the new heading better reflects her important status.


Between the first test-print and this one, many of the spreads have also been re-ordered to enable the content of the book to flow throughout linking from one thing to the next, and to make best use of the book’s pages.

I can see the end in sight now, mostly small changes are all that need to be made, although I think there are a lot of them. I will need to thoroughly proof-read the book through and will also ask other people to proof-read through in case they have any different views or opinions regarding spelling and grammar, or may be able to spot errors that I have missed.