APP2: Images for the St. Luke’s Church book

A factor of the project that I have been giving a lot of thought is about getting the necessary images for the book as without suitable imagery, the quality of the book will be limited.

Archive Images:

It is very important to have archive images for this book as they are such a useful tool for documenting the changes throughout the church’s history. There have been many more changes then I expected in the church’s history so this makes it important to be able to show to the audience how the church was, especially if they do not remember certain features being in place.

Thankfully, I have a selection of good quality photos taken over the years that I can use within the book thanks to the archives St. Luke’s Church holds, some of which I have placed below to give an idea of what images I will be working with.

Church Army Captain BatstoneSt. Luke's Choir 1910 - original version

Miss Adelaide Anne Mitchell laying foundation stone Feb 1910 St. Luke's Church pre-1919St. Luke's Church 1920Inside St. Luke's Church 1953

St. Luke's Church re-roofing 1969

Current Images:

For current images of the church, there are not many photos I can use, save for a couple, one being an especially lovely photograph taken by a professional photographer of the five main stained glass windows above the altar.

St. Luke's Church stained glass windows - photographer unknown

However, when I was studying the HND course a couple of years ago, there was a project about ‘Environments’ where a couple of magazine spreads had to be created. I chose St. Luke’s Church as my environment, and while I am by no means a professional photographer, I was able to take some good quality photographs of the church and its features, including unusual viewpoints such as from the top of the tower looking out over the local area. Some of the images I have taken I have placed below to give an idea of what I will be working with.

St. Luke's Church - chancel with altar light on

Inside St. Luke's Church 2012 The view from St. Luke's Church tower St. Luke's Church foundation stone St. Luke's Church 2012


I think the images I have taken of the church are a good start, and would be suitable with some major editing, but I can see there are either some features of the church I have not captured, or those that I think with the knowledge I have gained over the last couple of years I can capture better, so I will probably arrange to go to the church sometime and take another batch of photographs.