APP2: Ideas & Thoughts

For this blog post I want to share the ideas and thoughts I have sketched for this project. It is much less than I would usually do, just being one sheet of A3 layout paper, so I’ll take a few more up-close photos and talk through the initial thoughts I have with this project.

As will be evident throughout, I think most experimenting and developing for this project will need to take place on-screen, and I find sketching best suited to working out concepts such as logos and illustration work where it is much quicker to draw then it is to create a complex design. My sketches can also never reflect the true quality of the typefaces I will be working with either.


My thoughts started by thinking about the cover, as it will be something that will attract the audience, and if done well, make them want to read it. My first thoughts were to keep things exceptionally minimal, with say a white cover, a simple cross on the front cover, and perhaps a meaningful quote on the back, such as the church’s mission statement.

It may be too minimal though, and doesn’t reflect the qualities of the building the book will be about. Time will tell.


I also sketched a couple of other proposals for the cover, one thinking about using a photo of the front of the church on the front, a traditional take that very well reflects the content of the book. My concern here though would lie with the quality of the photography, as because it is a tall building, the perspective won’t look straight. Maybe I’ll be able to use some photo editing techniques to fix it. The back cover would be a compilation of other images.

The other idea I had was to have a picture of the inside of the church, specifically the chancel, where the altar is situated as this would reflect the centre of worship, the primary function of the church. It would also capture a defining feature of the church, the five stained glass windows designed and made by William Glasby.


I already have an image in mind for the front cover I discussed immediately above as I think it would lend a sense of atmosphere to the design and show a familiar feature of the church, in a way few will have ever seen before. It is all about making the things you may not think about everyday, visible with this book.

St. Luke's Church - chancel with altar light on

I then moved on to thinking about the turn-in that the book will contain. I planned this into the Range Rover project I did last year, and even then was surprised at how strong the turn-in was. This definitely will rule out images covering the spread, and is the main reason for choosing a larger book, so images can comfortably fit on one page.


Below I am just experimenting different layouts for the spreads within the book. I’ll be experimenting more on-screen, as I start to put the brochure together.


One feature I think is a definite though is the consistency of the columns of type throughout the book, my sketches providing a good example of this (top) and what would happen if I didn’t follow this thought process (bottom.)



I am happy with the ideas I have sketched and now feel ready to start experimenting with my thoughts on-screen.