APP1: Another moment of reflection

With the few issues I have been coming across on this project, I thought it would be best to ask one of my tutors to see if he could offer any guidance/advice. Thankfully he was able to, and made me feel much more positive about the project.

I asked about the Gradient Mesh issues I have been facing with the Golden Arrow vehicle and he felt that I may well be overcomplicating things when he looked at the reference image I was working from. He felt there was most likely a way of achieving this section without needing the Gradient Mesh as there a few pinpoints of light I could use.

I also asked about the issues I am having with Thrust SSC’s reflections, as this was something raised at the interim crit. It turns out that what I am achieving after all is suitable as long as I remember to add in the finishing touches such as the highlights.

With the issues that I am facing I have decided that I will now only produce these two posters, and make sure that I get them finished to the highest possible standard, as opposed to completing three or four and them being about 90% of the way there. There is nothing to stop me making the rest of the set after the project has concluded if I get some spare time to use for my portfolio.

Now I will be focusing my attention on finishing these two posters, which I will be covering over the next couple of blog posts.