APP1: Interim Crit and Reflection

After my last blog post where I prepared some work for the interim crit, here is where I reflect on what happened and look to changes I have made or will be making.

Interim Crit:

Upon showing my three designs, everyone presented very quickly stated they preferred the design below, which was good to hear as this was the option I preferred, as long as were no valid counter points.

thrust interim crit

There was feedback as well, which I can act upon and help to produce a better piece. I also had a few of my own ideas on development, which I’ll include. These were:

  • Focus more on the reflections as the setting is in strong light.
  • Decide upon where the light source is going to come from. (A suggestion was made that midday would be best as the sun would be directly above.)
  • Think about opacity changes for the typography to establish priority.
  • Refine elements such as motion blur for wheels and vehicle shadow.
  • Changes to horizon/background to make them slightly more realistic.
  • Think about the use of the Beaulieu National Motor Museum logo.
  • One tutor suggested I could present the poster – ‘shop-ready’ – so rolled up, with the booklet, with a logo sticker securing everything.

Reflection and re-focusing the project:

I pointed to the fact in the last blog post I needed to refocus on the project, and this will involve cutting back the amount of posters I will produce. I was anticipating 9, but time constraints will not make this possible. When I enquired about this, the tutors said they would rather see quality over quantity, and confirmed my recent assumption that I would get no higher mark for producing 9 posters than if I did 3.

I will now turn my attention to producing around 3 or 4 posters. It is moments like this that i am thankful for the open wording briefs are allowed to have so I was not pinned to having to produce all 9.

As for what vehicles I will pick, Thrust SSC and Golden Arrow are definite, as they are the most advanced at this stage, but the other(s) will be decided on as I progress.


I also needed to think about how I would re-focus the booklet that I was investigating into producing. Obviously, now I am not producing the full set of posters, I will not be able to produce the booklet, which has made me question whether it is worth taking on this extra element, as it is not mentioned in the brief. I decided to sketch some ideas for a little card that could be sold with the poster that contains the limited edition number and some more detailed information about the vehicle. I have also investigated into how the posters could be bought from the shop, thinking about a cardboard tube with a Beaulieu sticker on, featuring the logo.

I have decided that these features are still worth investigating, but only if I have suitable time at the end of the project.


I do not think I have been able to follow it as closely as possible, in terms of each section. However, on a wider scale, I am actually now on schedule with where I should be in the project timeframe and should be able to meet the deadline as long as everything continues to go well and I can sort out the few issues that have been bugging this project.

Where to go from here:

Well now that I have reflected on where the project was not working and put measures in place to fix them, I will now be able to focus on refining the designs I have created, develop the designs still in their early stages, and get everything together ready for printing. Re-focusing the project to a more achievable goal has also made me happier, and it has alerted me to the fact that I need to be learn some accuracy for these projects as to what I can take on in the timeframe I have.