APP1: More sketches

Following on from the last blog post, where I sketched some ideas out and had some thoughts with regards to the format of the poster set, I had a few more thoughts while sitting around at college the other day, so I thought I would post these here to keep things up to date.


The first sheet just looks further into the experiments I very briefly explored in the last blog post. I am thinking more about how the geometric pattern works well to break up the landscape into abstract elements, as well as how information could be displayed. I remembered that as the brief states the posters are for the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, it might be a good idea to incorporate their logo into the design.


The second sheet features very simple sketches again, as I am finalising a style I think will work well. This will be the last stage before I solely focus on digital experiments, as from there I will be able to build up the posters from scratch.


The third and final sheet covers my thoughts about the laying out of different elements of the poster, such as the sky or ground for instance and where they should start and stop.
I was reminded in a talk that a former student Marc Foley gave at college last Wednesday about the Golden Ratio, and that reminded me to think about this when designing, so this is something I will be working on when I move onto the digital stage of design next.