APP1: Initial Ideas, Sketches and Thoughts

Here are the initial ideas, sketches and thoughts about the designs I will be producing for the set of Land Speed Record posters I am to produce. As they are not very developed yet, you can see that I am still exploring wider concepts although where necessary, I am focusing on the little details to make sure everything is going to be good.

I will place the sketches so far below, and because my notes aren’t that clear due to being written quickly while thinking about more ideas, I’ll explain them after every image.


For the first sheet of ideas above I wanted to focus on how I was going to create the style for the posters.

Orthographic Drawing: With the focus being on the vehicles, I wanted to explore how a orthographic drawing would look (top left corner) as allows the vehicle to be viewed from four different angles at once, allowing all the details to be soaked in and for the audience to better understand why they are shaped the way they are. The disadvantages are that it lacks a sense of dynamism, and there is also the issue of four times the amount of work, something I am unsure if I have time to create.

I am also starting to think about how to make the posters become a cohesive set, using consistent typography, with enough space for different length names to fit.

The Convoy: So named because I am pondering whether to create a poster (top right corner) that features all of the Land Speed Record vehicles I am going to create speeding towards the audience. This would better suit a portrait style rather than landscape in order to create the depth needed.

The advantages are that I think it will create a excellent sense of depth, and to feature all of those vehicles careering towards the audience will create a sense of energy and dynamism that just can’t be matched with any other style I have thought of so far.

Disadvantages are that it will take the attention away from each vehicle, leave less room for information that would clutter the image, and be better suited to just one poster rather than a set, so I do not think this will be a viable option. Also as these vehicles ran in different environments, which one to choose?

Side-on profile: This idea will incorporate a side on profile illustration of one Land Speed Record vehicle per poster, in the location that they set their record.

Advantages include the audience’s attention being directly focused on the focal point of the poster, the vehicle. Because of the shape of the vehicles suit a landscape style, this means there is space either at the top or bottom for information to be placed relating to the Land Speed Record the vehicle set.

The only disadvantage I can think of is that maybe only seeing a side view of the vehicle is quite restrictive, but other posters in my research I have come across have shown this not to be an issue as such.


The above sketches are just some loose trials where I am getting used to the individual shapes of each vehicle, so that when I come to sketch my ideas properly, they are recognisable as the vehicle and at least in some form of proportion/scale to each other.


To show that experimentation is not wasted, the above sheet focused on me trying to think of different options to see if I could find any benefit. The bottom area focuses on what would happen if I made eight different posters, that when positioned in a certain grid, connected to be more like one image, as I discussed in my last blog post.

I also thought more about the concertina poster idea I originally had at a very early stage of the project, thinking it wasn’t viable, but when I mentioned it to my tutor he felt it was feasible. This had me thinking some more about the idea, eventually deciding it was not suitable for this project, but it suddenly triggered a thought that a small concertina booklet (no bigger than A6 size) could be placed in with the poster when it is bought, giving more information about the other posters in the set.

Then, being directly inspired by one of the designs I looked at in the last blog post, I thought to make it more useful for the owner of the poster, it could contain perhaps a slightly more detailed write up about the vehicle, and as this is a conceptual brief, that finally gave me the idea of stating these posters were created as a limited edition, of which the number could be printed in the booklet. I think this would be an interesting way of getting attention and making the audience feel like they have bought something truly special. I will develop this idea along with the posters.


For the above sheet of ideas, there are three main discussion points. The first is me still thinking about whether to go portrait or landscape that I have already covered in a previous blog post. The second is me starting to think about how the design would look if it was framed, and how it must work both in a frame and out of one. This is because a frame will add a visual border to the poster.

The third and most important (bottom left corner) is where I start to think about how to showcase the Land Speed Record information on the poster. As can be seen I have tried many options, from having the text in boxes spread over the bottom half of the poster, to a separate small banner at the base of the poster to placing the text directly below the vehicle. The only thing I haven’t experimented with is the sizing of the type, but this will come at a later stage.


While these sketches of ideas and thoughts will shortly be leading to a far more detailed set of proposal ideas where I will explore everything in far more detail, I feel I have some very promising ideas that will evolve into design options.