APP1: What is the official correct name for the Land Speed Record?

Conducting research on the Land Speed Record is very dynamic I have found, thanks to the Bloodhound SSC team currently aiming for the record. This means I am often coming across new information, sometimes because new articles are being published.

Something new I have come across is an article written by Andy Green, the driver of Thrust SSC and Bloodhound SSC, with regards to the regulations of the land speed record.

Read Andy Green’s article on the Bloodhound SSC website here. It answers many questions, clearly stating the three different types of land vehicles, what is needed to actually set the record, and how the record is measured, making it an invaluable source.

However, for all the questions that it answers, it does raise one. Andy Green refers to the Land Speed Record officially as the FIA World Land Speed Record in the title, and then as the ‘Outright World Land Speed Record’ in-text. This now means during my research so far I have come across four ‘official’ names… so which one(s) is/are correct?

  • Absolute Land Speed Record.
  • Outright Land Speed Record.
  • Outright World Land Speed Record.
  • FIA World Land Speed Record.

Back to the Land Speed Record section on the FIA website, re-reading it again does help me to draw a conclusion.

Outright World Land Speed Record is the correct name for the record, and as the record is controlled by the FIA, it is not inconceivable to think of the record as:

FIA Outright World Land Speed Record

To conclude, this is not one of the most visually interesting blog posts for the project, but it answers to me an important question, as I want to be sure I do not get confused with the terminology and ensure the final pieces are professional, with all of the correct information.