APP1: The beginnings of the Land Speed Record project

With the land speed record project idea lodged in my head for quite some time over the summer break preceding the beginning of this BA year, I had already amassed quite a few thoughts about in what direction I could take the project. I hadn’t actually put pen to paper though so to speak, so this is the first proper step I am taking to start this project.

The first step I have taken is to make a mindmap, writing down all the places I think I could get useful, meaningful research to the project. I’ll be working through these over the course of my research in the next couple of weeks. As can be seen, there is a variety of resources out there, however the quantity and quality of the information is very hit and miss.


With the proposal I have written up stating that I am to create “a set of posters” I thought I would have a look into what could feature on them so I drew another mindmap below.
Obviously the focal point of the poster should feature a land speed record vehicle in some capacity… hence the quick doodle of the Golden Arrow at the bottom.

As I will not have enough time to cover every single successful attempt on the Land Speed Record, the list on the right side of the sheet is a beginning to working out the most important versions to feature that mean the most in its history.


My thoughts then turned to what type of poster would work best; a more ‘traditional’ poster, or a more infographic based one due to all the facts I will potentially be placing on them. This will take some time to work out, with my current thoughts doodled below.


My attention then turned to loosely sketching some of the vehicles – from top to bottom, Golden Arrow, Bluebird CN7, Sunbeam 1000hp, Thrust 2 – just to get an idea as to the wide variety of weird and wonderful features each vehicle has.


With the below set of sketches/doodles I am again exploring what form a poster could take. Very much so in the early stages of projects I find myself sketching small thumbnails of ideas as well as occasional more detailed sketches of little features that have interested me during my research. As can also be seen, as I have another APP project I’m working on, and with my interest in cars which roughly ties in with this project, I don’t always stick to plan and usually end up sketching something else!

I do find this approach though tends to find the best ideas as and when I think of them so I don’t forget them!


A very interesting idea I had very early on was about creating an extremely wide fold-out poster that merged different land speed record images together. I am unsure as to the feasibility of it, but it could work I reckon…


My very first thought serious thought as to where the information could go on the poster. Here I am thinking about whether or not the top speed achieved in the record should be flagged up as the key fact and visible from a distance. I am so far thinking this should be the case, so will look into this more during the project.

I also am thinking about what style the project should take. Obviously I will research this properly but I am thinking vector illustration at the minute… my reasoning will become clear as I go along.


So these are my very first steps into the projects, from here on, I will be properly researching the Land Speed Record subject, the style and format I want to use to create the posters as well as anything else that may be useful.