Aber Uni Hiking Club – My designs at the Fresher’s Fayre

I was very pleased to receive an image the other day from the vice president of the Aberystwyth University Hiking Club showing their stand at the Fresher’s Fayre, which can be seen below, with some of the banner I designed for them in view.


Upon enquiring how successful the club have been this year with encouraging new members to join, I was informed the club has been very successful, with the banner being a big success, gaining a lot of attention.

Obviously I am delighted that my designs have been proven to work in their environment and that the client is delighted with the work I have produced for them.



2 thoughts on “Aber Uni Hiking Club – My designs at the Fresher’s Fayre

    1. Well, I think the first thing was the relief that I got the proportions right, as I was never able to see all of the design at once at full size before as it is so big!
      It showed my calculations worked out well.

      Generally though, it makes me feel really proud to see my design come to fruition and it was great that it proved successful at getting good attention at the Fresher’s Fayre for the client.

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