Aberystwyth University Hiking Club leaflet

After completing some work for the Aberystwyth University Hiking Club this summer, which you can read about here, which was favourably received, I was approached again about creating a leaflet for the club to advertise themselves with. I therefore thought I’d write a quick blog post to show the designs and talk about the main challenge involved.


The layout of the design was taken from previous design work I have done for the club, which meant the main challenge was the fact the club needed it to be produced in both English and Welsh, to cater for the bilingual nature of the university.


Being supplied with a draft of the Welsh text early on was ideal as this meant I could get on and design a layout that fitted both languages in, which I achieved. However, near the end of the project it became apparent to the club that the Welsh translation needed some rather serious alterations, which made it much longer, meaning it was unsuitable for it to fit into the design without changes. Plus the English versions of the leaflet had already been printed. Therefore I had to make some minor layout changes, keeping the type size the same for the most part, which helped to keep the text legible, and the layout similar. None of this has negatively affected the legibility, functionality or aesthetic of the design.

Overall, this was a very interesting issue to come across, and one that has helped me understand the type of issues that can crop up during a project for a client as supposed to a university brief I would have done in my first year for example where the text was fixed from the first day and never changed.