FMP: Finalising the brochure covers and contents page

With the brochure pretty much now designed, I was very happy with how things were going. As I definitely now knew the brochure would have 34 pages, I could generate the cover template.

When I started putting together the cover, I was going for the first design proposal I explored in this blog post. However, the more I looked at the designs, I was unsure which to go for, until I suddenly looked at the first proposal, and I just had a feeling the design did not project the right image, which funnily enough was what the negative comments from one of the tutors focused on. I also had my concerns over how it would print, and I felt it just didn’t match the style of the brochure I had created. I also had a thought about what colour the inside covers and end sheets would be, and the answer was an off-white according to Blurb, something which would not suit the black.

It was a very difficult decision to make, but I decided to go for the second proposal, which I think suits the audience much better. This design has not had any feedback from the tutors, but it is a risk worth taking, as I think the result will be preferable. As for the other design, I still think it is good enough to be used in this project for perhaps the promotional leaflet, but perhaps with some more development needed.

So I decided to make the front cover properly, instead of just a design mock-up. I started by opening the image I wanted to use in Photoshop, and turning it to black and white. I then made a Curves adjustment in order to increase the contrast, and decided to position it as planned, centrally on the page. Then I followed my design proposal for the footer.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 15.42.28

I then wanted to copy the same style I used for the front cover over to the back cover. I found another image that I felt was suitable, placed it in, and placed the Land Rover vector logo I made in as well as the website, to attract the audience to where to go if they need/want further information. As neither image is a wraparound, I decided that the spine should be black. I don’t think it will be wide enough for text to be placed there, so I have decided to keep it plain.

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 14.45.42

I then realised that the contents page I had previously designed was still suitable, but needed a light grey background to match the design for the rest of the brochure. This was done, and I am happy with the end result. I also moved the lines down a small amount as before they were crashing into the bottom of the text. I also added a page number in so it matched the rest of the spreads.

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 14.47.17

That concludes the end of the design phase for this brochure. Once I had done this, I sent it off to Blurb using their plug-in, which was a pretty smooth procedure, and am now waiting for delivery.