FMP: Downloading the Blurb plug-in

In order to create a design that is suitable for Blurb to process and print for me, I decided I would need to download the plug-in. So to do this I went onto their website, watched the instructional video on how to download it, and how you can order books using from the plug-in. Overall, it’s a very smooth process, and I was very pleased with how it works. You can watch the video I watched from the below link if you’re interested:

The only thing that annoyed me was when I selected the Small Square option, which is 7×7 inches, it also did an equivalent size at 180x180mm. When I opened the template, I found this is certainly not true, being a bit smaller. It would have been nice if it had mentioned it as an estimate. It is a small thing to mention, but when designing cover templates in Photoshop before, I had been working to this 180mm size…

I am really delighted with the way the file template is laid out, as it allows me to work on files knowing where things like the margins and bleed are, allowing me to have a very high chance of ensuring I send a suitable file off to Blurb to print for me.

Now I just need to start properly designing!