FMP: Design Inspiration

For this blog post, I am going to place all of the design pieces that have inspired me during the course of the project that I didn’t specifically research. More likely than not this post will be added to throughout the course of the project. I’ll also write up why the design intrigues me enough to feature here.

Microsoft experimental re-design by Andrew Kim: (I’ve included a few screenshots from the link to talk about here)

What stood out here was the black and white, high-contrast photography as it brings out the form in a way that colour distract from. This has made me wonder whether I could apply the same logic to the new Range Rover brochure.

Of course, I would not expect to do a full brochure in just black and white, but it may form the main layout, and this could be combined with the colour photographs from the Land Rover media centre. I am a big fan of the minimal, ordered approach.

iPhone Weather App by Eric Hoffman: I’m really impressed with the monochrome interface, as every element, from the typography, to the icons, are so minimal, and ordered. Not the most detailed weather app, but for many, this is all they need.

Dom Reilly website – Luxury accessories brand: This new, eponymous luxury accessories brand has been created by a man with a 15-year career in Formula One. With his jobs in F1 leading to significant global travel, he has (successfully) decided to apply the F1 mindset of extreme performance and efficiency to the luxury accessories market.

Firstly, the design’s minimality is inspiring. Everything here has a function. (Very F1 inspired that) Secondly the colour scheme is calming, subtle and suggests tasteful luxury. The calming feel on top of the intuitive navigation and well ordered grids makes the website a pleasure to tour, cultivating a sense of well-being for the user that luxury products promote.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 15.13.08 Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 15.13.39 Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 15.14.36

The Shard: Again, as with other luxury designs I have looked at, the logo is so minimal, and makes use of interesting reduction to make everything as simple as possible. That it is still recognisable, is a testament to the distinctive style of the building. 

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 15.17.38 Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 15.17.25Photography is important to this website, as it needs to satisfy the desire of the audience who are interested in the views from the top, as well as entice companies to place themselves in the Shard, because of what it offers. The photos are great, but this site moves that one step on with a 360° panoramic view, which is becoming quite a trend.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 15.18.02

I love the way the images load onto the screen, making use of the triangular shape of the Shard that fades at varying rates. Adding a revealing/loading feature like this to an app design would add a premium touch I feel.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 15.18.52

View from the Shard: The homepage features a clever animation, which starts at the bottom of the page, and after a few seconds, automatically scrolls up the page showing all the sights in London with their respective heights. At the top it shows an image of the peak of the Shard. The clean vector illustrations are very inspiring to me, and I am a fan of the black and purple colour scheme as well.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 15.22.03

Lamborghini Mobile App by Daniel Ng Weita: The purpose of this app for the iPad is to act like an e-brochure for the Lamborghini range. It also allows test drives and sales appointments to be arranged. This is a great idea, and gives much more control to the audience this is aimed at.
The graphics also interest me, with the thin Helvetica Neue Light typeface being used for display purposes here, as well as elements of the interface that are colour coded to the image on screen, and are discreetly positioned in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Audi Dubai 2011 Motorshow Brochure by Ashraf Majiet: I am very impressed with this brochure design, as there are many techniques here I absolutely love, the overall brochure looks so luxurious and interesting. The cover is embossed, which really makes it pop out at the audience. It also adds a tactile element to the brochure, something which I think is becoming ever more important now many want to view brochures digitally.

I love the typography seen here, as instead of just being one colour, it is merged with a pattern below to make it really stand out, as the pattern complements the shape of the characters. However, the red and black provides a really strong contrast, colours familiar to Audi promotions, meaning it is visible from a distance, and entices the audience.

The type ‘in construction’ as it were is a great introduction into the concept car sketch on the other page. It is also intriguing to me, as it shows off the main features of the Audi typeface, such as the shapes used, which is normally slightly disguised, or at least not as visible when filled with a colour.I love concept car sketches, it gives such an insight into the creative process, and is something I aspire to create one day. What I think is so clever here, is that the concept sketch is printed onto transparent paper, which allows it to overlay an image of the real car, highlighting the design features that made it from the drawing board to the concept.Typography has also been matched with differing textures, as the type appears smooth on the page, whereas the surrounding areas have a carbonfibre pattern. This change in texture surprises me in how much it makes each part stand out, and all this without using different paper stocks or printing techniques.

iOS 7 concept design by Simply Zesty:

I came across this app design during the later design phases of the project, and was very impressed by it, hence it’s inclusion here. The video explores the rumours and hype surrounding iOS 7 and Simply Zesty have provided their thoughts on how it may look.

I think the clean, flat aesthetic is very ‘Apple’ and really in keeping with the current trend for flat design. Some of the design thoughts here interest me and I will consider this when designing my Range Rover app.