Analysing the Jaguar XJ Ultimate media pack

For the second of three blog posts looking into the work of FP Creative, I will be looking at the media pack of the Jaguar XJ Ultimate, the £120,000 ultra-luxurious version of the ‘regular’ Jaguar XJ. I felt this would be a great case study to look at because the price range falls into the top end of the same bracket as that of the new Range Rover, which means potentially the audience it will attract is the same. This was proven when there was an Ultimate limited edition version of the last Range Rover produced, that was so popular the allocation of vehicles had to be significantly increased.

View the Jaguar XJ Ultimate media pack design and photos here on Behance as well as view the media pack digitally courtesy of Issuu.

The front cover of the media pack features a very strong contrast between light and dark, with the light really focusing attention on the car. But what is hiding in the shadows? It does create a level of intrigue, which the media pack will answer.

The first spread makes a big statement as to what the vehicle is all about. The photograph of the XJ with just the rear door open has strong connotations of being chauffeured as this is what the audience would be looking for.

“The XJ Ultimate embodies the sophisticated glamour that Jaguar is renowned for. It’s luxurious interior creates a unique atmosphere that reflects the status of its owners.”
Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director, Jaguar Cars

Complementing customers like the quote above does, is a sure way of gathering interest from them, as regarding them as important and treating them as such is a great way of getting them to buy one, than if you treat them as a ‘normal’ customer. This is something I need to remember when I design my brochures, it’s the personal touch that counts.Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 17.30.03

As for the photography, as ever it is stunning, and does a great job of selling the car. For the subject this time, it has been photographed at a aerodrome, with a private jet. This brings up desirable connotations suggesting the Jaguar XJ Ultimate is a private jet for the road, designed to transfer its passenger to and from the private jet with no loss in comfort, style or convenience. This speaks a lot as private jets are considered the ultimate luxury to many people, and the XJ Ultimate is the ultimate luxury for the road.

This photographs harks back to the front cover, which was similar. The only difference is here the shadows are not as dark, allowing us to see the private jet.
A lot of time is spent with this car showing off the rear compartment, with the features the car has available to them, which are plentiful, including DVD screens and iPad’s as can be seen below. These highlight how traditional quality and luxury are being merged with current technology which the audience will expect from this car. Highlighting the rear compartment shows how the car is designed to be driven in mainly, which will suit many of the customers. This is heightened by the growing trend in Asia with customers of this type of vehicle not wanting to drive in crowded cities such as Beijing, preferring to be chauffeured instead.

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 17.30.17

Focusing back onto the layout of the spreads, I am surprised to see how the text for the media pack is laid out more like an editorial spread throughout. I am surprised to see this, as my research has shown so far, especially for media packs, the vast majority of information is highlighted, as you would see with an information graphic.Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 17.31.00

Jaguar does not forget about the fact their cars are meant to be engaging to drive, as well as to be driven in, and provides a comprehensive section for performance and dynamics, with photography suggesting the fast-paced, refined experience the XJ can deliver.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 08.22.17Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 08.22.27


  • Jaguar here has highlighted a lifestyle, and how it would fit into an everyday life lead by the potential owner. That is helped that life is more glamorous than the vast majority of us will ever see, but it meets what the audience is expecting to see.
  • Making the audience feel good about themselves and the vehicle is the way cars are going to be sold, so it is really important that I remember this when designing. It must be sincere though, as false, boundless praise of the audience won’t be appreciated as they will identify it as being fake and worthless.