RKCR/Y&R adverts for Land Rover

As I mentioned when I analysed the Land Rover OneLife magazine for my FMP research, I saw that RKCR/Y&R had come up with a great advert for the Land Rover Discovery 4.


As this was not the first advert from them that had really caught my imagination, I have decided to show and analyse some of their print based work in this blog post. It just so happens all of their work shown here is about the Defender, although they have worked on campaigns for other vehicles. (They also do some great TV adverts.) The aim of this research is to help me with being creative and original with my work, so I do not copy others, or produce a traditional brochure.

World Map:

“70% of the World is covered by water, the rest is covered by Defender.”

I love the quote above that sums up this whole campaign, as it highlights the versatility of the Defender, and how it can cover rough terrain, whether that be ice, mud or sand.

They decided a map of the world was the way to go, which makes for a great display piece, but the really clever thing was to make all of the landmass from the shape of Defender itself. The Defender has one of the most recognisable silhouettes of any car, being quite boxy, and the connotations from this has made this project a success.


“Defender. The best tool for the job.”

The purpose of this advert was to remind people that the Defender is a multi-purpose vehicle, one that is “bought for both utility and leisure purposes, but its heartland is utility – it is a ‘tool’.”

I love the way it draws on the tools placed on the wall, and there is the Defender, it just seems such an unusual, quirky thought, and I think that is what gets the audience to think that this is not just another vehicle. This then reflects well on the brand as people think of how good the car is, and it helps the audience to have a positive perception of a brand. Just like the opposite scenario, if a brand upset people with an advert, then that reflects badly against them.


As I have already shown by highlighting the above adverts here, the Defender is a highly capable vehicle. According to RKCR/Y&R, the adverts are expertly crafted collages, featuring passport stamps built up in the shape of the vehicle. The way they have got everything to look just right, is a real credit to the designers. The connotation of the passport stamps (especially with countries as diverse as Chile and the Bahamas) is that the car, and the owner, goes on exhibitions, living a highly adventurous lifestyle the car helps to fulfil.


Edit – 7/6/13: I’ve just come across this design that although not confirmed, I’d be surprised if RKCR/Y&R had no involvement in it! Again, it’s so clever, with the way all the book covers have been designed to create an overall image. A great design!



  • RKCR/Y&R really ‘get’ the message of what each vehicle is capable of across to the audience, meaning they are meeting the brief perfectly, which is something I really need to achieve with this project.
  • They are clever adverts, that promote a ‘Wow’ response from the audience. This is the response I want from my designs when people see it.
  • It sets a very high precedent for the promotional material I am looking to create, that is rather challenging. People forget dull adverts, they don’t tend to forget the more interesting ones, whether that’s for a good or bad reason.