A quick analysis of a Land Rover OneLife magazine

For this blog post I am going to analyse a couple of Land Rover OneLife magazines that I have alongside my car brochures. The purpose of this is to continue the research into my FMP, and widen my search from brochures to editorial. From there, I’ll move my attention to books and other research sources that have caught my eye recently, before concluding it all, and starting to work on some ideas, which are already gathering in my head.IMG_3645 This little article in the News section of the Onelife magazine is very interesting to me, as it details the agency that created the distinctive advertising campaign you see below. This is one of the best campaigns I have seen, and from what I have seen of their other advertising campaigns for Land Rover recently, they’re all of a really good quality that promotes a ‘wow’ response from the audience. Therefore I’m going to visit the RKCR/Y&R website and see what further information I can find out about these designs, and see if they can benefit my design inspiration.IMG_3648 Photography really is a crucial part of this magazine as it was in the brochures. Here though there is even more of an emphasis towards selling the lifestyle, and the car goes with it. This is because many of the articles written are about lifestyle opportunities such as sports and expeditions that will appeal to the Land Rover audience, one that appears to be adventurous and creative, given the content in this magazine.IMG_3649



Making a change from the normal layouts in the OneLife magazine is a information graphic dedicated towards showing the audience ‘How to build and Evoque’. This is a great way of highlighting the creative process behind creating the vehicle, and there is more space to do this within a brand magazine than there ever would be in the brochure. I am a fan of the bright colours, as well as the colour coding as it makes the information graphic stand out to a much greater degree than if it was monochromatic for example. IMG_3650 IMG_3651 IMG_3652 IMG_3653 IMG_3654 IMG_3655 IMG_3656 As I mentioned when I discussed about the Range Rover Evoque preview brochure, I think the wireframe concept is a great way of promoting sustainability, and it has been used again, as in the brochure, for the magazine. The spread does a great job of informing the audience as to the measures Land Rover takes to increase their sustainability, and inside the colourful graphic describing the life cycle of the vehicle, the information is colour coded to correspond. As I have already seen during my research, colour coding is a great way of grouping information together, as the eye is good at recognising colour.IMG_3670


  • As I saw when I analysed the Audi magazine, own brand magazines are far more like brochures than the magazines you would expect to see in your local newsagent, with the design being of a much higher quality to meet their audience.