Analysing the new Range Rover Sport press pack

Last night was the launch of the brand new Range Rover Sport, being launched by James Bond star Daniel Craig. I have to say, I have been keeping up to date with the information about this new vehicle and it was great to see it revealed to such a positive reaction from the world’s motoring press. It looks fantastic and the stats appear to support this. I would certainly be happy to own one!

Image from the 2014MY Range Rover Sport press pack.

With my Final Major Project focusing on the re-design of the new Range Rover promotional materials, I thought this would be an interesting chance to see what they had done here for the promotional products. While the brochure will not be available for a while, the press pack is, and it can be accessed here, containing all the relevant information about the qualities of this car.

So I thought I would go through it and see what I could discover that would be useful to my research. I should make it clear first of all that the Range Rover Sport does not share the same audience as the Range Rover, being less expensive (although still a premium product) and fits into the middle rung of the Range Rover family.

Front Cover: As with the Range Rover press pack I analysed here, the car does not feature on the front cover. Therefore one must assume the confidence in this vehicle is as strong as the Range Rover. I prefer the abstract landscape photo to the blank blue background as well.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 11.15.12I am impressed with the minimal sizing of the type, I had not thought about making it that small before now, as the larger the type is the more noticeable it is. However, I can gather it suggests a refined approach, it does not need to shout, and this is something I should be aware of when I create my design proposals, that there is no need to shout.

Layout: Overall I would say it is a step forward from the Range Rover press material I have viewed, as some of the points I raised have been fixed here, an example being the pull quotes on top of images instead of being separated. Below is a great example of how the type has fitted the image, going along with the snow thrown up by the vehicle. It gives a sense of dynamic movement, that for the most dynamic car in the entire Land Rover range, is well needed.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 11.15.39 As I mentioned earlier, the pull quote looks great placed on top of the image. This is probably my favourite spread of the press pack, and one I think readers of the brochure would appreciate as it highlights the vehicle, lifestyle, and a statement of its talents in one spread.Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 11.15.54Photography: As I have discussed previously, the photography is truly excellent, highlighting the vehicle in a range of different environments to highlight it’s design. I have selected a few of my favourite spreads below and analysed the reasons why photography is so important to selling a vehicle.Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 11.16.10

The Range Rover Sport is marketed as the most sporty vehicle in the Land Rover range, making it best suited to a dynamic lifestyle according to them. This is shown throughout the photography, but especially in the spread below, which features not just images of the vehicle driving off the highway, but a couple of images of someone undertaking a sport, in this case mountain biking. The photos of the car blend in by showing how the car actively makes this lifestyle achievable. It is a clever form of marketing.Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 11.17.00 A lot of the photography within car brochures is to create a sense of desire. And what could be more desirable when you are travelling in your car, then to be on an empty road, driving across a stunning landscape, enjoying your premium lifestyle? An example of such an image is below, and I think it does a good job of conveying this lifestyle.Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 11.17.20 With the photographs of the interior, the main aim of Land Rover here is to highlight the premium nature of the interior. Also, without seeing the vehicle physically, how can you judge the quality of the materials used, such as the smoothness of the leather, the finish of the wood veneer, or the plastic switches that you interact with? It is an interesting query, one that Land Rover (as well as all other premium makers) has solved here by showing up-close images, taken in good light, that make it easy to assess the quality on show. This taps into the area within the brain that determines how things should feel, based on knowledge gained through past experiences interacting with different materials.Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 11.17.40

Marketing: A point worth making is that Land Rover is the car company that produces Range Rover models, but in marketing this can cause people to believe Land Rover is separate from Range Rover, as in two different brands. This was heightened when there was talks within Land Rover about separating the two brands a while ago, which I believe was cancelled. So I will need to research into how the situation is currently viewed, to ensure my designs hit the corporate mark.


  • With the Range Rover, one does not need to shout about its capabilities  as they are likely to be already well known. So a more subtle approach may be better.
  • The divide between the Land Rover (rugged, utilitarian) and Range Rover (luxurious, refined, dynamic) brands is one to be aware of. More research is needed here.
  • The conflict between the head and the heart. Photography is key to selling a vehicle to the heart. What we see is so important to our decision making process, it creates the desire. The text and stats for the vehicle is what sells a vehicle to the head. While a car can be easily sold on the heart, it is important to have both working together, for the best decisions. This is the goal of producing a car brochure.