A visit to the Harwoods Tonbridge Land Rover dealer

Last weekend I popped into Harwoods Tonbridge, my local Land Rover dealer, to have a look at the new showroom that has just been constructed. It’s a deeply impressive set up that they now operate, with a state of the art showroom that can hold 20 vehicles, as well as space outside to hold 60. There is also a new “executive VIP area” for customers waiting for their vehicles. On top of that is a new specially designed vehicle workshop building, making Harwoods Tonbridge one of the best equipped Land Rover dealers. I was really impressed with what has been achieved.


The purpose of this blog post is to go through the free bag given to visitors who attended the launch event over the weekend received and identify the audience. As I am now in the process of writing a proposal for the project I want to undertake for my Final Major Project, with the idea focusing on branding the new Range Rover, this bag is extremely useful in determining my aims, which I’ll reveal on this blog over the course of the next couple of months.


The bag contained a few tokens, such as a Harwoods lanyard, and a box of mints, as well as many print items, the first being a voucher, on good quality paper, giving a feel of quality and value to the item, an essential feature to match the value of it for customers buying a car that weekend.


There was also a free ‘lifestyle’ magazine inside, which had some high quality adverts in, which I’ll go through in a minute, as well as a booklet for Coombelands Racing Stables, which both give a very interesting insight as to an important sector of the audience for Land Rover dealers.



Highlighting the fact Land Rover is a very popular brand amongst families for their practical, capable 4×4’s meant they included something for children as well. Two sheets of paper, one a colouring competition, one a design competition would help to keep them interested for a while. Interestingly enough, the template of the Range Rover might be handy as a good starting point if I come to create illustrations for the project…


Also, there was an Approved Used vehicle ‘brochure’ that highlighted the stock for sale at Harwoods Tonbridge as of that time and a leaflet with current offers for the entire Land Rover/Range Rover range.

IMG_3557 IMG_3561Below is a selection of high quality adverts I picked out from the magazine I mentioned earlier. I won’t go through each one yet, however, I will more than likely return to this once I have a proposal set in stone, in order to form a comprehensive log of my research into my Final Major.

IMG_3562 IMG_3565IMG_3572 IMG_3571 IMG_3566

Now I just need to write the proposal for my project, and get it approved so I can get on with it and create an exceptional portfolio piece. I’m looking forward to the Final Major as it should be an opportunity to combine a key interest of mine with the graphic design course I am studying for.


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