A couple of Formula 1 posters

A couple of weeks ago I bought the latest copy of F1 Racing magazine, being the March issue meant it focused on previewing the F1 2013 season. It’s a great read, with high quality informative articles that meant even for a big fan of the sport like me, I learnt a lot. If you’re a fan of the sport, I really recommend picking up a copy. Alongside it came a free Champions of F1 poster, which interested me enough to write this post.


I think this is a great poster, but what really caught my attention was that recently I have been learning the processes behind creating accurate digital illustrations of F1 cars, and this poster features the 63 championship winning cars, all in beautiful detail. It is a very inspiring poster to me, and therefore very distracting every time I look at it!

IMG_3576 IMG_3577

The detail is incredible, and this level of skill that has gone into every illustration is what I would love to be able to achieve. With a lot of practice and time spent learning, I can’t see this being an impossible goal to reach, albeit not an easy one. Mind you, it’s good to have a goal to aim for!


The reverse side of the poster features an advert for the 2013 Singapore GP, one of my favourites on the calendar due to it being held at night. I love seeing the cars racing around the Marina Bay circuit at night, the floodlights bringing out the vibrant colours and the TV cameras picking out the night cityscape.


The other poster I have picked up recently is one from Mercedes Benz World, with the blog post I wrote detailing the day’s highlights able to be seen here. I was so impressed with the View Suspended II exhibition featuring a disassembled Mercedes F1 car, that I wanted a poster of it, as the quality would be great, with professional photography used to capture it in its best light. With Mercedes Benz World being a busy place with many visitors, and the exhibition being in a tight spot, it is not easy to take such photos, hence why I bought a poster.


There is a border around the print with the name in the bottom left corner, but for the purpose of showing it here as flat as possible (and not rolled up in a tube as it currently is!) I placed some coasters on the edge while I took photos and cropped them out later.

I also took some detail shots of the poster, which can be seen below. Again, this is another poster, where I can be very easily distracted, taking in all the details!

IMG_3583 IMG_3584 IMG_3585

Overall, I can’t wait for the season to get under way again. I won’t be making any predictions as to who will win the championship though, as like last year, it looks like it’s going to be a very close fight.