ARRIVA bus vector illustration

I was asked earlier this week to create a quick, simple illustration that could be used on a notification poster that would be displayed in the Arriva bus company depot. The purpose of this notification would be to inform the drivers that had made the biggest improvements in terms of their economical driving.

The purpose of the illustration was in order to attract attention to the poster rather than just yet another page of enlarged bold text.

Arriva bus vector icon

Therefore, I decided with the time I had, to create a vector illustration of a bus. I have done vector illustrations of vehicles before, and I know they can be made as simple or as complex as necessary. Here though, a simple illustration was required, and I was able to find an image of a Arriva bus almost side-on, and then use that as a template.

I also included the Arriva logo as part of the illustration. However, when I first used it, it appeared slightly pixellated so I managed to create a vector of it by using the Live Trace tool in Illustrator, which was possible because of the block colours and high clarity to the shapes. When shapes are too complex or there are too many colours, the Live Trace tool cannot provide a suitable result.

Because of the economy driving aspect of this, I had been asked to add this in. With thick, black swathes of exhaust fumes being the hallmark of a vehicle that is not kind to the environment, I used green, as it has connotations with eco-friendliness and the environment, and made a small set of circular shapes for the exhaust output. When arranged randomly, but lightly around the exhaust area, this gave me the result that was required.


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    1. Glad you like the bus!
      That video is very impressive indeed! I use CS5 so I don’t have that feature available to me, which is a shame, but that would make life a lot easier. I could see a lot of uses for that!

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