LED Lenser K3 torch

A couple of weeks ago I bought myself a LED Lenser K3 torch, from Amazon (clicking on the link will take you to the page I used) as the roads around where I live can be a bit hit and miss with the street lighting, plus the driveway to my house is pitch black, so some light would be appreciated. Also being winter, this means I’m more likely to be out and about when it’s dark.

I used to have an old, cheap LED torch but that broke due to poor quality and cheap materials, two things that I cannot stand. So I bought this, as I had heard so much about how good Lenser torches are, and thankfully, it lived up to my high expectations.

Packaging: It arrived in a black box with a small band of black paper to keep the box from opening, with the logo foil-stamped in, a lovely touch. Opening the box reveals the torch, the batteries and the instructions. It is all very well presented.IMG_3204


The Torch: As for the torch, I am deeply impressed with it, being metal means it’s very strong and able to withstand a few knocks during its lifespan. It is also easy to hold, and small enough to be put on a keyring. The sides feature a texture that allows for great grip, and the button at the end allows it to be switched on and off. As a side note, it can be a little clumsy being next to the keyring, but it saves it being knocked unnecessarily.


It has two levels of focus, as I have shown below with my images, which can be achieved by extending its length, by pulling the head away from the body slightly, giving an intense beam of light. By reversing this process, it diffuses the light. As for the light quality? It is amazing! It has really surprised me just how much light this torch packs, and the people I have shown this to have been very impressed indeed.

IMG_3208 IMG_3209

Conclusion: If you need a small torch that is very bright, then this is a great product, and I have no hesitation in recommending it. 🙂


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