Music – Feedback from Client

I have heard back from the client, and have quoted the main points below in a structured manner. Overall though, things are going well, and the fact he is making sensible suggestions as to the design of his identity is pleasing to see as it shows he is actively involved in the project without trying to dictate every last bit of design.

Album cover:

“Love the front cover it looks absolutely awesome.”

“In terms of the over all album front and back, the front is fine how it is, I like the colour scheme and the brush tool you created, for the back would it be possible to have the second image with the darker colours but with the new brush tool.”

Business Card:

“The change to the business card is fine it still looks just as good.”

CD label:

“For the CD would it be ok to make it really simple like all one colour with the words in either white or black, otherwise I feel that if it’s the same as the front it may get overwhelming.”

Song Titles: I also asked the client for some song titles to put on the back of the album cover, as it may look a bit weird without and the client has obliged in doing so:

“1. Everyday Phantoms, 2. Last Train Home, 3. Jump the Fence, 4. Tracks, 5. Patchwork”

With that feedback from the client, I agree with what he has said, and will progress on to making the changes:

CD album: For the back, the client wants it to be using the darker colours using the new brush tool that I have made. I think what I will do is to brush a new pattern (using darker colours) so the shapes are varied, and then apply a new version of the gradient with the darker colours. Here’s what I have so far for the back:

Album back cover

CD label: As the client wishes to see a single colour for the CD label so it is very minimal, I shall increase the size of the pattern to get this effect and apply a single colour to it as has been asked for. The example image below focuses on the blue colour from the main album cover as that is much less overwhelming to the eye than the green and yellow shades that is also used on the album cover. I will also try a flat, block colour version of the design and show this to the client as well, as he did not make it clear during feedback whether he wanted it the single colour to be incorporated with the pattern or not.

CD label designI have now sent an e-mail to the client for these designs. Hopefully there should not be too much editing to do, and the client will have a professional identity that suits his needs well.


Edit: The reply from the client has been very delayed this time, and when I did hear back, after I had printed the final pieces actually, he just stated that he liked the work I had shown him. So although no feedback was given, I am pleased that the client is pleased with the work I have done for him, and trusts me to finish the project to a required standard.