Music – Further client research

All of the designers working for Dan are sharing our research on the information we get from him. There are two good reasons for doing this, the first is so we are equally informed so start on a level field, and the second is to save him having to answer everything in triplicate as we all may have similar questions, but with a different stance. For this blog post I shall detail what I have learnt so far.

NB: I may edit this post over the course of the project as information is added. Clicking on the images in this post will take you to their source.

In my last blog post, which can be read here, I asked Dan to inform me as to anything he was a fan of the style of and a link to any of his music. He replied to me, from which I have quoted and placed details of it below:

Imagine Dragons, Night Visions album cover

Imagine Dragons, Night Visions: “This kind of album cover I think is cool, its got the kind of pastel colours I like and I also love the concept of innocence and bewilderment”

From this comment, I have picked up that his earlier notes of liking pastel shades lies in the texture mainly (certainly for this image) that gives to the feel of the piece. I think it also captures a strong abstract sense as it has a very dream-like feel to it. There also seems to be a pattern in there, something I am interested as to whether Dan would be interested to see shown in a design. Although I am designing for a client and will provide them with something that suits them, I shall throw my opinion in and say I really like this piece of design.

Muse - The Resistance

Muse – The Resistance: “I like how abstract this one is.”

This example makes it quite clear that Dan is interested to a certain extent in geometric patterns, certainly ones that can be rather abstract in their nature. The use of patterns may be a interesting way of creating the bewilderment he is looking for. My initial thoughts, although I would need to think further about this, is that it may well best suited to vector illustration, something I have explored in previous projects, such as ‘Words’ for example. I am also aware that both designs feature a solitary person as part of it, and I think this will be a very important element to consider including in the design.


Below are a few notes and quotes I have taken from a questionnaire Lucy Helm asked Dan.

  • Who is the client? “I’m Dan, I play the guitar and sing, I will possibly play other instruments at a later date.”
  • Band Name: Broken Method.
  • Band members: Currently only Dan, but “could expand to other people playing instruments in songs.”
  • Type of music: “Acoustic mainly, however influences will come from a huge variety of styles making the over all style inconsistent.”
  • Influences:  “People around me… a lot of what I compose is based on parts of my own life or my friends lives.” 
  • Audience: Anyone who is interested, he wants to “break into what kids are listening to, to try to break away from the repetitive music that is currently dominating.”
  • What are you looking for in a design? “Innocence maybe… Bewilderment, something along those lines, I like the idea of being caught off guard, often the more innocent you are the easier this can be I suppose”
  • Bands whose style is favourable: Jack JohnsonJohn Butler TrioBen HowardAlt JRed Hot Chilli PeppersMumford and SonsSigur RosThe Civil WarsAlexi MurdochDan ClewsBeatles.


Below are a few notes and quotes from Scott Vincent, asking Dan for some information:

  • Would you like to have a photography or an computer drawn image? “Computer would be preferred however it could be an edited photo.”
  • Would you like something abstract?  “Abstract would be nice.”
  • Would you like bright colours or pale colours on every design? Pastel colours preferred.
  • Do you have any images that you like, and would want your logo to be similar? “I like the idea of pastel colours, an example of the kind of thing i like is the album cover for Imagine Dragons, ‘Night Visions’ – plainer business cards are my preferred option, the logo needs to stand out quite well on all though, bar the CD cover possibly.” 
  • Band name? Broken Method.


I also quickly asked one of Dan’s friends, Ashton Snook, what he felt Dan would be looking for. Being a friend of Dan and a Graphic Designer, I felt he was best placed to help me confirm what Dan was looking for, and maybe add some stuff. As it turned out, he stated most things that have been written in this post, which is reassuring. The only addition he made was that he would want “blocky, clean white type”.


What have I specifically learnt from here?

  • Band name is to be ‘Broken Method’.
  • Looking for a sense of innocence and bewilderment.
  • Musical style is likely to be inconsistent.
  • Abstract designs are likely to be favoured.
  • Illustrations (computer created) or edited photography is likely to be the best option.
  • Typography is to be mainly white, blocky and strong on the page.

Conclusion: A few ‘buzzwords’ that I need to think about during this project. I think these words summarise what the client is expecting rather well, and this must now be aimed for.

  • Innocence
  • Bewilderment
  • Inconsistency
  • Abstractness