Music – Audio Research – End of Year Show

As the brief states, I was expected to attend the end of year Christmas Music Show put on by members of the K College music group as this would construct a section of research into this project.

Aims of the evening?

  • Meet the client/s that I would be working with and to have an initial discussion relating to get a basic grasp on which paths would be best for the identity.
  • Listen to the type of music the client/s play/s as this will have a major impression on the design, and makes up the majority of my audio research.
  • Get a feel for the atmosphere they play to, as this may also have an impact.

Meeting the client: Here I shall write up the notes I took upon meeting the client Dan Orton for the first time. I am not the only designer creating proposals for him so will need to be aware his ideas and opinions may be influenced by the other designers, in turn affecting what he may expect from my proposals.

Music: From a discussion with him before the performance started, I asked him what type of music he creates, and he replied that the music he creates is rather laid back, as well as saying he is good at writing love songs, and covering songs from other artists. He recommended the following artists to listen to for an idea of ‘his style’:

I will look into these artists for a future section of audio research as well as check out album covers and websites to investigate their identities as the appearance may be similar to the one Dan is looking for. Unfortunately circumstances prevented me from hearing him perform, so I will need to obtain a link to any audio research from him if possible. A YouTube channel was mentioned, so I shall contact him and ask for details of that. As for the other performances I saw throughout the evening, they were very impressive, so I expect his will be up to a impressive standard as well.


  • Looking for the standard album cover and label, business card, and logo.
  • It was also mentioned a logo could make use of his name or symbols, which led to the point below. It should be prominent on everything produced.
  • He created an abstract logo a while back that is visible on the back of his guitar, that he claims has no meaning to it, but I think working on this logo may allow a true expression of his identity to be visible.

Abstract Logo

  • Colour scheme is likely to be based on a palette of “pastel colours”, as Dan is keen on this approach, so I shall explore this avenue.
  • Other than that, I have contacted Dan, and am waiting for some in-depth guidance  with regards to the style of music he likes and the aesthetic image he is interested in creating to add to the conversation on that evening.
  • Seems reasonably ‘open’ to options, not sure he has a crystal clear impression of what he is looking for although this can not be confirmed. Therefore I will need to narrow down what I am expected to be looking into somewhat.


  • I shall now follow up on the topics that I have discussed in this blog post, and will also take time to explore album covers in general to get a wider sense of understanding on the topic I am dealing with here.
  • I have also contacted my client again to see if they can inform me some more as to their likes and what they are looking for from an identity to represent them as mentioned earlier. I have asked for imagery as well, so I can analyse this.