Words – Cosmonaut – Feedback

So here is where I detail the feedback I got regarding the design I detailed the creation of in my last blog post, which can be read here.

I should add that I am aware I have not shown too much developmental progress of the design, because it happened in one big blur, I will detail some of the developmental changes I made when I write about how I made the final design later on.

I asked several people for feedback, both some members of the Graphic Design group and a couple of my tutors, and on the whole feedback was unbelievably good, by far and away the best I have ever had on a piece of design. Here’s the considerations that were raised that I need to look into and respond to:

  • CCCP: A couple of people did not get the meaning of this to the design. Therefore I need to weigh up the inclusion in the design as to whether the majority of the audience will understand it. I wonder if it is an age thing as the Soviet era ended in 1989, before I was born and many of my fellow students were. (I think I will keep it as I think the majority of the audience will understand the meaning.)
  • Cosmonaut: Looks slightly too faded, experiment with a variety of opacity levels. (This I have done, changed from 50% to 70%, a good improvement)
  • Sputnik: Needs to have the ‘arms’ that extend from the main pod thickened in order to be visible. (I may move this over to a vector image like the rocket)
  • Paper border: Concern that it may take up too much space in the design. Therefore I need to test print at full size and trial the design with and without the border. (I don’t think it is an essential part of the design, so am willing to experiment.)

After all the feedback I did a trial print at full size to ensure that everything looks as expected, and all looked good (taking into account the feedback obviously). The only thing I need to be aware of is that I did a test print using a laser printer and standard copy paper instead of the inkjet printer and good quality paper that I will print the final piece on, hence I found the image was more saturated than expected.

The next post on this design will occur once I have made all the adjustments and been to a final interim crit which apparently is being scheduled the week before the deadline, which will be the last time major design changes could be realistically suggested if they are worthy of consideration.