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This was a useful session for me as I was able to speak to fellow students and tutors about my designs, which raised some interesting points that I shall detail below and my points, (like this) then show how to build upon this and progress the project.

This draws upon the ideas I sketched here, plus a couple of ‘mood boards’ for personal use that I made to highlight the meaning of both words. The images are mainly from a search on Google using relevant search terms, and I find these helpful of drawing on my thought process and aiding creativity.


  • If you show a cosmonaut, you don’t have to show a face (say of Yuri Gagarin or Valentina Tereshkova, the first man and woman respectively to travel into space), instead the visor can be closed with a reflection in it such as the example image. (Click on image for more info and source details)
  • Cosmonaut has a very literal definition, so there is not much room to manoeuvre.
  • Look into the full meaning and origins of the word.
  • Why do Russia and China use the words ‘cosmonaut’ and ‘taikonaut’ instead of the word ‘astronaut’?
  • Did the Soviet Union have a logo for their space program like NASA?
  • Vector illustration would work well here. (I also think this is the best option)


  • Could lend itself very well to a collage style. (This would draw on the photomontage experience gained from the collaborative presentation I was part of.)
  • Shock could be created by placing odd things together.
  • Following on from the above point, take something out of context, One example suggested was of a iceberg in a desert such as the below image created by FoXeR237.
  • One eye-catching example of a juxtaposition is likely to work better than several examples, each trying to make their own point.

Conclusion: Well I have been very pleased with the level of feedback I have got from the interim crit, at an early stage of the project. From here I will be looking into answering the questions that have arisen as well as experimenting with the ideas that I have got from this feedback.

I will write this up in a separate post for each word to help keep the structure of my written notes organised throughout this project.

If anyone reading this post would like to leave a comment, with their thoughts, opinions, ideas or suggestions please feel free. It is always good to have a wide range of people commenting.

2 thoughts on “Words – Interim Crit

  1. I do still think that collage is a good way forward for the Juxtapose one. Looking at the iceberg image you have added here reminds me to remind you (!) that all collage is political (small p)….and as soon as you see the icebergone you start to think of global warming etc etc; so you will need to choose your items with care to prevent too many (extra) mis-readings….or perhaps not! The fact that the collaged items already have their own original meaning, coupled with the connotations of placement and juxtaposition create all kinds of new meanings, hence collage/montage used for so many Political (large P) works of art and design. I also think that the blending of the contextual work with your practical work that you are doing (even if it does not appear in the eventual finals) is a really good development for your thinking skills. Good work.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, the political aspect of collage should have occurred to me faster I guess, especially after I had just worked on the photomontage presentation! I will look into the political meanings collage has in a blog post very soon, and then the aim of drawing upon the photomontage knowledge should be able to provide a historical context to my research as well to increase my understanding of this subject.

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