Words – Assessing the Brief

This follows on from the brief, where I assess how to approach it in the best manner.

Subject matter: Unusual words. Therefore because of the quantity of words available to me, I will need to take some time to look through a dictionary and thesaurus. I’ll talk about the words I will choose and why in another blog post.

What will I be producing? Two double page spreads, each featuring one word with its definition, plus a illustration. Both typeface and illustration/s must evoke the correct connotations in the audience’s brain for the pieces to be understood fully.

Who are the audience? I expect the audience will be constructed out of people with an interest in one or more of the following subjects:

  • Graphic Design.
  • Typography.
  • Literature.
  • Language.
  • Trivia.

I see this book being produced as a high-quality ‘coffee table book’ that features a subject of an interesting nature, using beautiful illustrations and typography to attract attention. I’ll explore more about this ‘style’ in a future blog post as well as the influence on this project. An additional point to make is that with Christmas not far away now, the demand for such a product will be increased so this project is relevant to industry and there should be a greater number of examples around to inspire me during my research.

Timeframe: With five weeks to produce these designs, this requires a comprehensive research and ideas generation running throughout, merging into the realisation of the final pieces.

Anything Else? Yes, the brief asks me to: “consider what it would mean to work professionally as an illustrator or photographer” So I will need to place a post into this project considering professional practice in relation to industry on this topic.


Checklist: From the above post, here is the checklist I need to research in order to allow this project to be as successful as possible…

General Research: This will be to assess the broader concepts of the project and to find inspiration that allows me to focus my attention on the specific research.

  • Typography.
  • ‘Coffee-table’ books.
  • Professional practice for being an illustrator.
  • Styles of illustration.

Specific Research: This will allow me to assess the finer details of the project and to turn my knowledge I have learnt through general research into idea generation.

  • Words for use on project.
  • Suitable typefaces.
  • Typesetting.
  • Connotations of chosen words.
  • Similar/inspiring illustrations.