Identity – Feedback, Adjustments and Final Design

Feedback and choosing the final design:

Because of the limited timeframe, I have not had any official feedback for improvements on this project, but I have showed my two design proposals to various people, those from the Graphic Design group as well as outside the group and opinions were positive, with practically everyone saying they preferred the signature idea.

I have also come to the conclusion independently that this is the best way forward, as it is an efficiently packaged, stylish but intuitive and most of all, presents my personality in a way that allows me to construct a suitable identity for industry. I am very pleased the feedback I got matched this as it shows I am on the right track. Therefore this has now become my strongest proposal and will be my final design for this project.


I took a fresh look at the designs after some sleep last night, and came to the conclusion that some adjustments to the typography and image needed to be made.

For the image, I made it a lot brighter, as when I did a test print, the small size meant it melted away into the black background, restricting its visibility.


As for the typography, I made some adjustments to the tracking, based on the Google press pack I got last year, which suggested how best to set Open Sans. While this was good, I decided as my typesetting would be closely examined and to show some independence from the press pack, I individually kerned some of the letter pairings to alter spacing that either looked excessively large or small. I’ll discuss the technicalities of it when I talk about how I constructed my design.

Final Design:

Front of Business Card
Back of Business Card
Compliment Slip