Identity – Ideas (Computer)

Because I wanted to construct my ideas very quickly, I have made them in an Adobe Illustrator document, however, I should point out that the extra type capabilities available in Adobe InDesign means I shall construct the final designs there.

These were the first mock-ups I created to trial typefaces, styles etc. and I am aware that these do not look so good, but it gives me a starting point to evolve from and then for the next post, you will see a much better set of designs.


I am very pleased to see the eye fits in well to both the letterhead (compliment slip will be in the style of the letterhead) and business card, so now I have the confidence to progress with this idea. I have tested it at full opacity and at a lowered opacity in order to test the flexibility of the design, as well as enlarging it and bleeding it off the page. I think that the variable opacities may work well, but I am not keen on it bleeding off the letterhead as it begins to stop resembling an eye.

As for the typeface I have decided to go for Open Sans, a typeface I am familiar with after the Google project I did last year for the YCN Creative Awards. This is a typeface that is humanist in form, which suits me well as it gives a more personal touch than a geometric typeface such as Helvetica, with a large x-height to aid clarity, and is available in a wide variety of weights. Because of this, I see no point in cluttering the design with more than one typeface. Here I have set the type at 10pt, in bold and regular weights. No adjustments have been made yet but I know tracking will need to be increased.

I have experimented with ways of presenting information and feel the business card is more successful in the way I have not repeated my name more than once, instead I have placed there in lowercase, with no space as it would be typed for my website and e-mail. This then saves space, which I think is an effective solution. As for the margins on the letterhead, they need to be increased.


There is some variability in the success of these designs here. As for the background colour I tried a dark green first on the business cards to make use of my surname, and dark green is not a commonplace colour for business cards, but I did not feel comfortable with it, hence the change to black you can see for the letterhead which works much better.

The signature part works very well in the typefaces I have used here (Angelina and BlackJack Regular) so I hope it will look even better when I scan in and edit my signature to fit. (I should add it won’t be my actual signature I use in terms of signing paperwork etc.) In terms of other design features, the white circles on the business cards will be home to the info-graphics I am planning (working well I think) and for the letterhead, as it is so high on the page, I have experimented using a thick black line running vertically to draw the eye down the page, but I am not sure on this so I will more than likely get rid of it with development.

The typeface used here is Gill Sans, another humanist typeface with great clarity. However, after working with Open Sans, I just feel there is something missing here with this typeface for me, and I think it is because I prefer it as a display typeface, at a larger size therefore. So a progression with this design will move away from Gill Sans.


This is probably the least favourite of my designs I have created. While I really like the simplicity and impact of the four circles visually representing the CMYK style of printing, I do not think it is flexible enough to represent myself.

The other big annoyance of this design was the plan to use type for the back of the business card continuing the coloured theme, but I found out yellow on white is a waste of space as it is not visible (I changed the yellow just so it is visible here) so the spirit of the idea has been eroded somewhat.

As for the typeface, I have tried Helvetica, to test a geometric typeface as its flexibility and clarity are two traits that appeal to me. I think it works to a reasonable degree, but a concern I have is that I am trying to stand out here with my designs in a sensible manner, and I do not think that Helvetica allows me to do this, especially as there are very strong opinions from people thinking it is a good or bad typeface.

Conclusion: The first two proposals I shall now develop, with the CMYK proposal being dropped.

Edit: After creating this post, I realised I had written my blog address wrong for everything, with a @ instead of an dot. So that is not so great, must have been too tired when I created those ideas so I will fix that in the development post next.