Identity – Brief

Well today I have received a new brief as part of the Graphic Design course that I am studying. Below I will place a screenshot of the brief that I have annotated to mark out the important areas (in blue) I need to ensure are included in the project as well as make some notes regarding my approach to this project.

Thoughts regarding the brief and planning this project:

  • The limited timeframe will present a challenge when combined with the presentation I am also currently working on. Therefore this will need to be my most efficient project yet in terms of organisation.
  • As a designer, it is important for me to think about the identity documents that I could use, this also gives me more knowledge in another design area, to add onto what I achieved both last year and with the first project of this year.
  • Research will focus on identity documents, such as those discussed in the brief as well as ensuring I am able to set type in an appropriate manner. However, this will not be excessive, as I will need maximum time to create ideas and finalise a suitable design from this. Also I will touch upon sizes for these identity documents to ensure they meet a professional standard.

In my next blog post I shall be starting to build the research for this project.