Final Idea – making it work and in need of feedback

After the last post I made where I talked about sketching a set of proposals that I could look into, I decided to re-evaluate the project, in order to be efficient with the time I have as well as allowing me to focus more on what I want to do.

So now I have decided on the final proposal I want to do. It relates to the eye, and how it is able to convey emotion and therefore the psychology of someone can be determined from this. It is a familiar concept I think with the audience, which will help my design to be understood. This will be my final idea, but there are still many things that need to be cleared up in order to make it work, and as I felt it was my strongest idea and the one my gut instinct told me was best, I wanted to put all my focus towards it. Previous work on this idea can be seen for my initial ideas, and what I took to the interim crit.

Below are two sheets I have sketched for this idea, the first contains the composition choices I could make, and the second sheet focuses on the iris, the part of the eye that I feel depicts the most information. My notes are on the sheets, but I will raise issues below them as I go along.

The conclusion to my sheet of ideas where I explore composition is that the first two ideas are by far and away the strongest, but I am unsure as of yet which is the best option. I have a feeling the leftmost one will be suitable because it takes a step from just looking at the eye to consider the whole face. However, this will not slow me down because if I produce a sketch, I can always zoom in on the eye if needed, provided the quality is good enough. Also I will be looking for a tutorial to enable me to refresh the basics of drawing faces and I will be taking some photographs of my own eye in order to use as reference material. I may sketch from the photograph of my eye, and use that as the final piece, and then in the caption, if I have to state who I used, I can state it is a self portrait of myself.

There are many options here that I have come up with and I think they all have merit. So how do I decide which one is best? Well I think when I sketched these, I was getting away from the true meaning of this brief, and that is to consider the psychology of the face and to provide a visual way of showing that to the audience. So I think that excludes the International Klein Blue and the owl eye idea as although individually I find them fascinating, they do not exactly express the psychology of faces.

I believe I have three possible alternatives:

  • ‘Colour spectrum’: Both ideas that focus on the colour spectrum are strong options I think, and as time goes by, my opinion has changed from the one on the top row being best to the one on the bottom row being better because it is more eye-like, and this is likely to identify with the audience better.
  • ‘Universe of the Face’: I have not been able to represent this idea properly in sketches because of the colours and styles I have been using. So therefore as I still think it has merit, once I have a sketch that is scanned in to work on, I can experiment, by superimposing a photo of space onto the eye.
  • ‘Multiple eyes’: By having a page split into 9 sections, with a space for the caption, and then 8 being the same image of the eye with a different colour overlaid onto the iris, does it make a difference as to how the audience perceives their expression to be? The caption can explain what this means, leaving the article to go into greater detail.

So this is the stage that I have currently reached, and now I will be looking for as much constructive feedback as I can possibly get in as short a timeframe as possible, as to what people think in order to allow me to be able to pin down a final design that I can create in time for the deadline on Friday.


4 thoughts on “Final Idea – making it work and in need of feedback

  1. As I have said before I have my doubts that the eye alone is an effective answer to the brief. I do agree that eyes are probably the chief source of understanding about each others’ faces but I feel that narrowing the editorial imagery down to just the eye may confuse the readers of the article which is about the psychology of faces. I wonder if an answer may be to use the eye ideas that you have but to overlay/layer/collage your image with at least one image of a face (which could be both small in scale and in relative importance in the overall image). Your universe concept could well be made to be effective with the use of faces in the “universe”, making it more surreal and perhaps more akin to the vagueness that people in the street (as opposed to scientists) feel about the instincts of facial psychology. Other objects rotating in the inner-eye universe might also go to help signify notions of psychology/instinct.

  2. Thank you for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated. I do understand better now your point with regards to the close-up of an eye being too narrow for the subject of faces, and am interested by your thought of an answer. I have actually looked into reflections that can be seen in the eye in photographs (although not documented on the blog) and did wonder what else could be reflected in the eye that would be of meaning to the audience and I think a face is the beginning of an answer I have been looking for. I think now I will need to experiment as there are many threads I could spin from this, one such example could be the reflection in the eye being the face of the person whose eye is shown, as if they are looking in a mirror surrounded by other objects, either ones next to them at the time, or these objects could be as you say, signifiers towards psychology.

    1. I love the idea of the eye with the planets, stars and galaxies in it. I mean who wouldn’t like that? It would look so cool. Plus it would look great hanging on the wall as a stand along piece. However, since the brief asks for the psychology of faces I agree with Sancha in that you need to have a face or a few faces in your design somewhere. The idea of having the reflection of a face on the eye ball is a good idea. I was thinking it would be cool to use faces of people of different races but that’s a whole new idea. If I was you I would definitely go ahead and churn out a few ideas, just quick sketches, which include faces and then see where to go from there. As Sancha has suggested perhaps a few faces could be reflected in the eye. Definitely something to work with there.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, the aim now is to create faces within the eye that draw the audience in. I think I am heading towards using the universe idea as that would work well with the audience of New Scientist I think. I’ve looked into splitting the pupil in two halves to form a face, with a light side and a dark side (like the Moon) and placing faces around the iris (not decided how to place the faces though at the moment) Whether these will be realistic faces or more along the ’emoticon’ style is something I want to look into. I’ll probably place some experiments up later this evening depending on how things go.

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