15.10.12 – Interim Crit and Ideas

With the interim crit just around the corner, I decided I needed something to show to the other people in the group and the tutors to get some feedback on. My little sketches I had shown earlier within the project would no longer be enough, so I decided to think in a little more detail about it all.

I feel that the first proposal (above) is very strong, and I have captured some interesting spin-off themes. I have not fully explored all of these themes yet, as I have some more ideas I will write about very soon. This is my favourite proposal and I think, the strongest.
The second proposal (above) is really an attempt to visually highlight how the psychology of someone is controlled by their brain and how the brain controls the face to show the emotions. Again I have more ideas on this, I was just limited for time.
This third proposal looked into how simple the face can be made and still be recognised but I felt this avenue is too familiar to the audience and would not engage them in the same way as the other proposals did. Then I moved onto wondering how I would be able to present it in an ‘interactive’ way to allow the audience to mix and match emotions to help understand the article better.

Below is the result of half a day sketching and annotating away, hopefully you can read my writing and discover what ideas I am currently working on. Being ill over the last week or so has no doubt slowed progress for this project, so that is a major problem I will need to overcome to meet the deadline for this project, as well as getting used to blogging everything instead of writing a word document. I think I’m getting there though.

As I got the impression that time was limited at the crit, I decided to talk about the first sheet of ideas, which I felt were my strongest. Now I thought the idea of a crit was for tutors and students alike to give feedback, but I was disappointed that no one seemed inclined to give me feedback. I have no idea why, thankfully however I learnt from the feedback other people got and it helped to me to think in a new way about the project.

  • There is more than just emotion that can be focused on for this project. I agree with this, but I feel facial emotion conveys the psychology very well.
  • It would be beneficial if the design can stand on its own, or if it creates intrigue to pull the audience into the article by reading the caption to find out the meaning.

However, I did manage to speak to one of the tutors after the crit, and I did get some very valuable feedback that helped me to evaluate the idea I had talked about, and have pointers to think about when developing this into a suitable design. I’ll list them below:

  • Lots of designs have been done in relation to eyes. How do you make this design stand out and offer something original and interesting for the audience.
  • Look into individual colours perhaps, there could be the potential to show a range of eyes, with the colour changed to explore whether it changes the meaning of the image.
  • The image of the eye is very important as to what it means, for example seeing all of the iris often occurs in a reaction of surprise or shock.
  • Jean Michel Jarre created an album ‘Magnetic Fields’, the cover of which features him with the Earth superimposed onto his eyes. It was recommended that I look at this. I am a fan of his music and this reminded me of the ‘Oxygene’ album cover featuring the Earth, torn away to reveal being held together by a massive skull. I think this illustration is beautiful, and would suit the project fantastically, but I need something original, so I will have to do some research into what it does well.

Has the interim crit been helpful? Overall, I would say yes, I think the crit has helped me in a roundabout way to finally get that last bit of focus I needed for the project, and will allow me now to create a set of proposals that can be annotated and evaluated by myself and hopefully others in order to achieve a very successful final design.


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  1. Just for the record – an interim crit with others is, as you noted, especially to help you to learn from what each other are doing. If you would like more detailed feedback on ideas I am always happy to discuss. Perhaps bring some developments along and we can evlaute them together.

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