Illustration or Photography?

As I mentioned in my previous post looking at the brief, I needed to decide between Illustration and Photography. My immediate gut reaction was ‘it depends on what the second project entails’ but then I thought about it and decided although I have an interest in both photography and illustration, I have been disappointed with how little time I have had for my sketches over the last year (that I do in my spare time) as I have been working hard on college projects. So in the end, I decided the desire was to go for illustration. Plus for me I have never had a true interest in photography portraits, so this was the final decider. Add on top of this my photography skill is just ‘point and shoot’, and we have a tutor specialising in photography this year and I felt it would be something I would learn now and explore later on when another opportunity presents itself.

I will now take a look at the specific learning outcomes for the Illustration module and explain what I will need to do to achieve these:

Specific Learning Outcomes - Illustration

  1. Here I will be aiming to use research to provide me with the “illustrative solution” for the Portraits brief.
  2. Here I shall be producing a research journal (in the form of this blog instead of a word document) and will ensure sections are included to cover illustrative techniques and processes.
  3. As this year’s work needs to step up a level, more emphasis will be placed on critical analysis into designs to get a stronger understanding of how research benefits a project.
  4. This touches upon the point I made in the brief, I must be careful to ensure the illustration I produce is not just pure artwork, but communicates to the audience as a piece of design that embodies the article.

Now this is done I shall turn my attention to showing the thoughts and targets I have in my head for this project and show the beginning to my research.