Brief – Options: Portrait

Well, here is the brief for the first project that I plan to write up as a blog. This will be a learning experience for me so I will just have to see how I adapt to this style. Throughout my posts, words or phrases in bold are the crucial snapshots of my thoughts.

So below is the brief I have been given, plus I have edited it to pick out relevant information. The hierarchy of importance goes from grey (generic, less important) to black (important) to blue (very important, specific to project), with set date in green and deadline date in red.

Brief for Options - Portrait

After taking a while to look at the brief here are my thoughts:

I need to choose whether to go for the Illustration or Photography module quickly, but carefully, so as to minimise the loss of time towards this project. I’ll discuss this in my next post and take into account the outcome I want and the learning outcomes.

I will need to research into the following areas:

  • New Scientist magazine for sizing/style and to gauge the audience’s interests.
  • Editorial imagery will be important to understand to ensure I ‘get’ what the brief asks of me.
  • Depending on which topic I choose, the variant styles I could use to create this editorial imagery will need to be researched.
  • Psychology, especially what can be determined from the facial features, as this is the information I will need to convey in a visual manner.

It appears to me this project is towards the ‘art’ end of the spectrum, so I must be careful to remember I am a graphic designer, and what I produce must still communicate to the audience and make them really want to read the article.

I feel experimentation and ideas will be far more important here for me, so while I will obviously carry out research, I will slightly change focus, this will become clear over the course of the project and may become my natural path for a project in the future, if it is successful.